Does Iron Man Have The Only Thing That Can Save The Winter Soldier?

Bucky and Iron Man aren’t exactly on the best terms right now. After the shocking reveal that the Winter Soldier killed Iron Man’s parents, I’d say Iron Man would do anything to get revenge right now. But, what if Iron Man actually has the only thing that can save the Winter Soldier? Let’s see!

The Winter Soldier’s Problem

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During the mid-credits scene of Civil War, Bucky freezes himself so that he won’t be able to hurt anyone anymore. Earlier in the movie, Zemo used trigger words to turn him back to the Winter Soldier, and this is what Bucky wants to stop from happening. He tells them to not bring him back until they have a cure, telling them that he can’t “trust [his] own mind.”

Tony Stark’s Technology

Credit: Marvel

Credit: Marvel

When we first pick up with Tony in Civil War, he’s giving a speech at MIT. He tells them that all their projects have been paid for, and the crowd cheers. But, before he tells them that, he shows them some tech. It shows him as a younger Tony, talking to his parents for the last time. After the younger Stark talks with his parents, he says that “that’s how [he] wished it would happen.” This is probably means that something else happened that he felt very guilty about. Apparently, this technology “clear[s] traumatic memories.” Now, what does this have to do with the Winter Soldier?


Yeah, I wouldn’t say they’re on the best terms… (Credit: Marvel/

What if this system was used on Bucky to clear his traumatic memories of being the Winter Soldier? What if this made him uncontrollable by the trigger words? This would cause a lot of drama in the MCU, considering Tony would have to help Bucky. This would definitely be a shock and well executed, and it’s definitely something the Russo Brothers (directors of Infinity War and Civil War) have planned or should consider.

Now, I want to hear from you. Do you think Tony Stark’s technology is the only thing that can save Bucky?


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