Does Michael B. Jordan Being Cast In ‘Black Panther’ Officially Mean The End For Fantastic Four?

With Fantastic Four not meeting the expectations both critically and financially that Fox had in mind, the thoughts for a sequel were assumed to be thrown out the window. Many fans felt however that with he right creative direction, Fox had the car that they needed to make a pretty awesome and fun F4 film, although it seemed unlikely. There have been multiple fans reports of Marvel reacquiring the rights to the Fantastic 4, which is something that most people want to see. While they did not get the rights to the franchise, they were able to work out a deal for one of the film’s bright spots, Michael B. Jordan. It was reported earlier today that rising star Michael B. Jordan has been cast in Black Panther in the role of the villain. This coming merely hours after produce Simon Kinberg said that a sequel to Fantastic Four was still entirely possible with Fox. With this blockbuster casting by Marvel, are any hope for a Fantastic Four sequel completely out the window?Is A Fantastic Four Sequel Completely Dead Now?I must admit, as bad as I thought Fantastic Four was, I still saw the potential that it had. With the right creative direction and the right director, I think Fox could have made something really special with this franchise. Unfortunately, I believe that Marvel’s casting of Michael B. Jordan signals the end for the already dying franchise. It is clear that Marvel wants the rights to Fantastic Four back, especially before Infinity War, and I think that this casting is a clear indication that the grass is in fact greener on the other side at Marvel.Should Fox Give Marvel The Rights Back?

I think this battle that will not end well. On one hand, it will be hard for Fox re-invent the franchise and actually instill confidence in the viewers. On the other, the fans deserve a great Fantastic Four movie and Fox feels that they are the ones who can deliver. Unfortunately, I don’t think that they are. Fox has had two shots to get Fantastic Four right and both times have been quite lackluster. I think they could do something similar to what Sony is doing with Spider-Man, you aren’t giving up the rights, it’s more of renting out the rights to the character and getting prophet. I think that F4 will end up back in the hands of Marvel sooner or later so Fox may as well do the fans a service and let them help out in Infinity War.