Donald Glover In Serious Talks To Join ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

Some awesome news for those of us who are Team Donald Glover For Everything Spider-Man. A new report from The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the actor is in serious talks to join the cast of . YAAAAAAAS! as the kids say.

There is no word yet on the character that Glover is circling, but I have a feeling it’s a character that was probably written with him in mind from the start. Considering that he’s basically singlehandedly willed his professional connection with the Spider-Man franchise into existence, it makes sense. And while there was speculation that he might be voicing Miles Morales, rumored to be the focus of , it looks like Marvel snapped him up first for a role in the live-action film.

Soooo… Will We See Miles Morales In Spider-Man: Homecoming?

You have to wonder right now if the role Glover is in talks for is that of Morales himself. On one hand, it makes sense: Glover has already voiced him in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, and there has been a vocal movement in the last few years to on the big screen with Glover playing him.

On the other hand, it would seem more than a little strange for the studio to invert the dynamic between Peter Parker and Miles Morales. In the comics, it’s Miles who is the younger Spider-Man, looking to OG webhead Peter Parker as a mentor.

Peter Parker gives Miles Morales advice.
Peter Parker gives Miles Morales advice.

Still, I suppose it could work. Maybe he’ll play Miles Morales, normal human without powers, in Homecoming, and then gain his powers in a sequel. Who knows? The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a history of modifying the storylines from the comics, and so far it’s worked. Either way, it seems like it would be a silly move on Marvel’s part to waste Glover in a smaller, less-significant role. Marvel is savvy enough to know that the actor has a groundswell of support behind him. If you’re unfamiliar with his previous work as Spidey, check him out voicing Miles in this clip of Peter Parker meeting Miles Morales for the first time in Ultimate Spider-Man.

If Glover signs on the dotted line — and there’s no reason to think he won’t at this point — he’ll be joining an ultra-talented cast that already includes Tom Holland (who already blew away audiences with his portrayal of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in ), Marisa Tomei (who we already saw as Aunt May), Michael Keaton as the so-far-unnamed villain, and Zendaya as the female lead.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is set for a release date of July 7, 2017. It’s scheduled to begin production later this month.

Who do you think Donald Glover might be playing? Let the speculation begin!

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