Don’t Breathe

Red band trailer for Don’t Breathe shows never before seen R-rated footage from the film.

Rocky, a teenage delinquent living with neglectful parents, promises her younger sister that they will start their own lives together and move away from their dysfunctional family. Looking for the right amount of cash to run away with in order to do so, her boyfriend, Money, convinces her to break into the home of a blind man who supposedly has a safe in the basement. Breaking into the house in the middle of the night with their friend Alex, they discover that the blind man is not as helpless as he seems.Don’t Breathe is the result of a learning experience that director Fede Alvarez had after his directorial debut with the remake in 2013. The three major criticisms he learned from in order to make his latest thriller were the following:

First, a horror movie doesn’t need blood to invoke reactions from the audience. If anything, too much blood can backfire and become a distraction rather than a plot element. Second, he learned that he doesn’t need to continually shock the audience. Moviegoers can be captivated by slow build up and building suspense just as easily. And, finally, sometimes remakes are just bound to receive criticism, so better to work off an original script. And Voila–We have Don’t Breathe.

The director also figured giving an antagonist supernatural powers is played out, and it was better to have a menacing character limited within the realms of what a normal person is capable of. Makes sense.

Considering that this thriller was rated R by the MPAA for “terror, violence, disturbing content, and language including sexual references. – Portrayal of sexual violence, with no nudity or detail,” it was only a matter of time before we’d get a red band trailer for Don’t Breathe. It would have been a tragedy if we didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, the and domestic for the film are great and definitely convey an R-rated movie, but we still find there is nothing better than a red band when marketing a film such as this.

The red band trailer starts strong, with Dylan Minnette’s character calling home to explain that he “f*cked up”, and, being R-rated, that piece of dialogue is played on repeat. Besides the gritty new footage, where this new preview excels is the sound editing. It’s incredible, and to the level of the recent , but more fitting here considering that a blind guy’s best resource is his hearing.

Hands down the best trailer for Don’t Breathe to date and yet another reason to celebrate red band trailers.
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