Don’t Like Sleep? Here Are 5 Of The Most Popular Creepypastas That Are Guaranteed To Keep You Up At Night

Creepypasta sounds like it would be the opposite of terrifying, but this questionably named term actually refers to after going viral online.

The word “amateur” instantly conjures up images of 10-year-old boys spouting a load of garbage online and while it’s certainly commendable that they’re using their computers for something other than porn, the truth is that some of the scariest stories in pop culture right now are derived from creepypasta tales, such as ” ” and ” .”

Website Venngage recently trawled through the dark depths of the internet to find the most widely shared creepypasta stories across a range of sites, which we’ve kindly collated for you here.

Don’t thank us just yet though. Doctors claim that sleep is actually kind of important so make sure you read these tales with the lights on or you might never sleep again.

Side note: The creepypasta stories listed here are ranked in order of total shares across four separate sites — as of June 2, 2016 — and the site deliberately chose to not include the likes of ” ” and “Jeff the Killer” as these stories have been altered numerous times since they first hit the web.

1. ‘The Russian Sleep Experiment’ (64,030 total shares)

As we previously mentioned, sleep is necessary for our survival and without it, things can start going very wrong indeed. Case in point.

“The Russian Sleep Experiment” follows the story of five political prisoners who are forced to stay awake for 30 days while being subjected to experimental gas. As the patients begin to lose their minds, the story takes an even darker turn, which you need to read for yourselves to truly believe.

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2. ‘Squidward’s Suicide’ (37,298 total shares)

Not your typical episode of Spongebob

Not your typical episode of Spongebob

Squidward is a bit of downbeat character, sure, but it might seem strange still that a character from the beloved Spongebob Squarepants cartoon could ever be the subject of a scary creepypasta story.

Nonetheless, “Squidward’s Suicide” is one of the most popular creepypastas out there, telling the surprisingly dark story of an intern working Nickelodeon Studios who receives a bizarre video of the titular character that needs editing.

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3. ‘The Rake’ (13,223 total shares)

"Oh, hey. I didn't see you there."

“Oh, hey. I didn’t see you there.”

Sightings of a horrific, human-like creature terrorizing people at night prompted a number of researchers to investigate the phenomenon in more detail and what they found was chilling,

A number of documents dating back to the 12th century surfaced, each describing people’s encounters with a creature known only as “The Rake.” What they gathered was that the unearthly being watches people while they sleep, killing them as soon as they awaken.

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4. ‘Psychosis’ (7,428 total shares)

Looks kind of comfy, right?

Looks kind of comfy, right?

Perception is key, especially in horror, and the reason “Psychosis” has been shared so frequently is the clever way that it plays with the narrator’s understanding of the world around him.

After being cut off from the outside, John’s only communication with the rest of the world is through electronic devices. Soon, he becomes convinced that there’s something outside of his door that is waiting for him and the battle between logic and intuition ultimately takes him on a disturbing path.

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5. ‘Abandoned By Disney’ (7,149 total shares)

The House Of Magic!

The House Of Magic!

There’s something chilling about the warped distortion of innocence, which probably goes some way toward explaining the popularity of the creepypasta “Abandoned By Disney,” that’s set in a Jungle Book-themed Disney resort.

After the resort is closed and abandoned, the narrator of the story decides to explore the creepy setting and finds more than he bargained for behind the locked doors of the attractions.

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For some more visual scares, check out these fan-made videos of the most horrific creepypastas right , including the “Goatman” film, which you can also watch below.

What’s your favorite creepypasta?

Slender Man for the win!

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