Don’t Worry, The ‘Wolf Creek’ TV Show Is ‘Holy F***ing S**t-Scary’

If you’re a hardcore horror fan awaiting the arrival of more Mick Taylor, you may have a few worries: How can a TV show live up to the greatness of the Wolf Creek presence on the big screen? Will the action be softened for television? Well, director Greg McLean is confident that the Wolf Creek TV show is gonna blow us all away. So confident, in fact, that he’s promised the new show is: Check out the promo. McLean elaborated on his super-super-super-super-scary (and sweary) boast about his upcoming Wolf Creek project, and it’s great to see what insight and love he has for the horror genre and the fans who love it. McLean told Bloody Disgusting:

McLean continues that because Stan channel is “Australia’s Netflix,” he was able to create:

Source: Bloody Disgusting