Everything We Know About ‘The Flash’ Season 3 So Far

After a summer hiatus, the cast and crew of The Flash are set to go back to work this week with production for Season 3 beginning tomorrow. With the anticipation for the series perhaps higher than ever after their , it’s no shock that fans are excited about all the possibilities for where the show could go in Season 3.

With the anticipation building, let’s take a look at everything we know about The Flash‘s upcoming third season so far:

The Flash Season 3 Will Adapt Flashpoint

Start with the obvious, right? By now, everyone should know that the shocking events of The Flash‘s Season 2 finale were eerily similar to DC Comics’ Flashpoint storyline. After alluding to the potential story a few times beforehand, we hoped that this would be the time we would finally see it — and we did. Grant Gustin recently took to Twitter to confirm that the

Our reaction too, Cisco!

Not only does The Flash have two incredible seasons to live up to, it has to do justice to an iconic storyline as well. Can the show pull it off? I’m betting it can.

It Will Be Different From The Previous Seasons

Nora Allen with young Barry.
Nora Allen with young Barry.

While The Flash has produced two great seasons thus far, both of them had a similar tone. However, with Flashpoint comes change. Expect many aspects of the series to be drastically different. Perhaps most importantly, the presences of Nora and Henry Allen will most certainly make for a different dynamic than before.

While Henry was recently killed by Zoom in the original timeline, Nora had been dead for over 15 years. Barry understandably never accepted his mother’s death — that is, until “The Runaway Dinosaur” when he finally decided that he could move on. Now with his mother back in his life, it will certainly change things up in a big way. Barry may finally get the one thing that was taken from — a happy childhood. And Henry Allen will never have been imprisoned for his wife’s death.

But what of the other characters? What actually happens to the Flash Barry who changed things? Time will tell. Expect to see a brave new world, altered by Barry’s actions.

Tom Felton Will Be A Series Regular

Tom Felton will play Julian Dorn.

Tom Felton will play Julian Dorn.

As reported last week, Harry Potter alumni Felton will play a fellow CSI named Julian Dorn who “suspects there’s more to Barry Allen than just his good guy reputation.”

. It will be interesting to see if Felton plays a hero or villain, but either way — given his Harry Potter roots — expect some sass and scheming from the character. Furthermore, it will be interesting to see whether his presence will be the result of Flashpoint.

Harrison Wells Will Return

Harry's coming back!
Harry’s coming back!

Despite what happened in the Season 2 finale — when Harry and Jesse went back to Earth-2 — we know that Tom Cavanagh will be returning to The Flash for Season 3 as a series regular.

Cavanagh has been a popular presence on the show since the beginning and fans were worried that when Harry returned to Earth-2, we wouldn’t see him again. But alas, it has been confirmed that Cavanagh will be back. Now, the question is: Could Earth-2 Harry and Jesse make a return together? Or will we see evil Reverse-Flash Wells from Season 1? Perhaps the most popular theory among fans is that we might see the original untainted Earth-1 Harrison Wells who was never be killed by Reverse-Flash thanks to Barry’s meddling in the timeline.

Characters Might Re-Appear

Badass: Black Siren.
Badass: Black Siren.

The Flash has such an exciting variety of characters, so to . We already know that both Harrison Wells and Jesse Quick will be returning and it’s highly likely that both Nora Allen and Henry Allen will return also, as they’re alive now. But who else is poised to return?

There have been many rumors that Katie Cassidy would make a return as Black Siren. , many fans called for her to return (or be added to The Flash as a regular after her mistreatment as Black Canary on Arrow). Moreover, the fact that she managed to stay on Earth-1 when all of the evil doppelgangers were sent back to Earth-2 suggests that it’s highly likely that we will see Black Siren return in the future.

Furthermore, we already had a mini Flashpoint angle take place when Barry altered the timeline — despite repeated warnings not to — and ended up making the villainous Pied Piper, Hartley Rathaway, a member of Team Flash. With his saving of Barry as well and follow-up mentions, it’s likely that we might see Andy Mientus return as Hartley in Season 3.

Having said that, perhaps the timeline has been so altered by the Flashpoint event that these characters will have never interacted with the Flash in the first place. Time travel makes my head hurt.

When Barry altered the timeline, he stopped Reverse-Flash. However, he technically saved Reverse-Flash from his eventual death. Does this mean we could see the return of Matt Letscher as Eobard Thawne, perhaps incarcerated in Iron Heights? Furthermore, the changing of the timeline also means that Eddie Thawne never died. Could Rick Cosnett return as Eddie? Or have the events been so altered that he isn’t even in Central City?

There is so much potential in Season 3 for some amazing returns and I have no doubt that The Flash will exceed our expectations.

The Giant Crossover Is Happening

Legends: The four superhero shows.
Legends: The four superhero shows.

When Supergirl moved to the CW, fans . Supergirl‘s crossover with The Flash this year was met with critical acclaim — however it clearly specified that the two shows took place on different Earths. But as Supergirl will now be filmed in Vancouver like the rest of the CW’s superhero shows, crossovers will be much easier to film.

There was much speculation that the CW had indeed commissioned a four show crossover between The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl to air in the fall. Arrow star Stephen Amell solidified this in an interview with MTV when he stated:

“They have to show me how they’re going to do this magical four show crossover. It was hard enough when it was two shows and mixing in ‘Legends’ a little bit. To make it four shows? I’m dumbfounded.”

So if you weren’t excited for The Flash Season 3 already, now we know there’s going to be a massive crossover this year! We can finally see this reunion:

Super hugs!

Season 3 Is Going To Be Amazing

With The Flash heading into uncharted territory, it’s time for the rule book to go out the window. All we know is that Central City is about to get a whole lot more unusual this season. And with the talented cast and crew of The Flash, that doesn’t worry me at all!

Grant Gustin recently tweeted about how strong the beginning of the season is, and I’m not sure we should even attempt to argue with him — he’s the Flash, after all.

The possibilities for Season 3 are endless. But with “Flashpoint,” returning stars, Tom Felton and who knows what else, it’s pretty obvious that The Flash is going to amaze us once again. But don’t take my word for it: Just read these emphatic but true words from the Flash himself:

Are you excited for Season 3 of The Flash? Let us know in the comments below!

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