Everything We Know About ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’

Say what you want about the Transformers series, but it’s fast becoming one of the biggest franchises in cinematic history. Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Transformers: Age of Extinction and Paramount is keen to continue this trend, having already .

Little is known so far about the specifics of Paramount’s overarching plan beyond the next installment, but from what we’ve seen so far, , looks set to continue the success of the previous films. Since it was just revealed that , now is the perfect time to catch up on everything we know so far about the fifth movie in the franchise, Transformers: The Last Knight.

Who Will Direct Transformers: The Last Knight?

He's baaaaaack!

He’s baaaaaack!

Worried that Transformers: The Last Knight won’t include enough explosions? Have no fear. Despite once claiming that he was done with the franchise for good, Michael Bay is back in the directors chair for the franchises fifth installment.

Say what you want about his work, but Michael Bay’s formula has earned Paramount enough money to make a real-life Cybertron (with cash to spare), so it makes sense that Transformers: The Last Knight will utilize the director’s talents once again.

Who Will Write Transformers: The Last Knight?

This guy?

A common criticism of the Transformers series is the shallow scripting, but even the franchise’s loudest detractors may have to eat their words when Transformers: The Last Knight is released, thanks to their new approach to storytelling.

Back in July 2015, Paramount recruited a number of top creators to work in a Writers’ Room where the future of the series could be brainstormed at length. Among the writers chosen was Steven S. DeKnight, one of the key figures responsible for Daredevil’s success on Netflix.

As the first film released since Paramount mapped out the franchise’s future, Transformers: The Last Knight could mark the beginning of a new and better direction for the series.

What Will Be The Rating?

Still holding out for that R rated Transformers.

Still holding out for that R rated Transformers.

Up to this point, each of the Transformers movies have been rated PG-13 and it’s unlikely that Paramount will ever switch to a R rating. Deadpool showed that mature movies can still make a lot of money, but Paramount relies on the revenue generated by these billion dollar blockbusters and it’s almost certain that they will continue to try and maximize their audience for Transformers: The Last Knight.

Will Mark Wahlberg Return?

And will he wash his face this time?

And will he wash his face this time?

Casting Mark Wahlberg in Transformers: Age of Extinction was a coup for the franchise, so fans will be happy to hear that his character Cade Yeager will definitely be returning in Transformers: The Last Knight, although it’s unclear how big his role will be this time round.

Transformers: The Last Knight will be Wahlberg’s third collaboration with Michael Bay, following their previous robot fight-fest and the surprisingly awesome Pain & Gain, which is incredibly underrated and should be watched by everyone immediately.

What About Josh Duhamel?

We missed you Josh.

We missed you Josh.

, aside from you know, the robots, appearing in every film of the series except for Transformers: Age of Extinction, so we’re excited to confirm that he is set to return for the upcoming sequel.

will mark the first time that his character Lieutenant Colonel Lennox will join the fight alongside Cade Yeager against the evil Decepticons. Color us excited.

They Have To Bring Back Tyrese Gibson, Right?



Josh Duhamel wasn’t the only Transformers actor sidelined in Age of Extinction; Tyrese Gibson also appeared in the first three movies and is clearly keen to return for Transformers: The Last Knight, posting video messages to Michael Bay on social media about the upcoming film.

Gibson’s casting hasn’t been officially confirmed, but when you look between the lines, an appearance for the enthusiastic star in Transformers: The Last Knight seems more than likely.

Will Any New Actors Join The Cast of Transformers: The Last Knight?

The Decepticons must be shitting themselves right about now

The Decepticons must be shitting themselves right about now

It’s not all about the robots, guys. Joining Walhberg in the fight against the Decepticons is fellow flesh-bag Isabela Moner, a 14-year-old Nickelodeon actress who is set to make her debut in the series as an orphaned tomboy who befriends a tiny Transformer. Adorable.

Will We See The Beginning Of The Transformers Extended Universe Soon?

Spaceknights are cool.

Spaceknights are cool.

A while back, Paramount discussed the possibility of creating a Transformers Extended Universe, where different Hasbro toy properties would cross over with the Autobots. Talk revolved largely around a Transformers/G.I. Joe mash up, although rumors now suggest that as early as Transformers: The First Knight, due to the nature of the teasers released and the name of the film itself.

This approach would emulate the way that Marvel Studios built their MCU, which is fitting when you consider that Rom actually enjoyed a successful run in the ’80s as a comic book released by Marvel.

Finally, When Will Transformers: The Last Knight Hit Cinemas?

Are you excited yet?

Are you excited yet?

At the moment, Transformers: The Last Knight has been scheduled for release on June 23, 2017, where it currently has no direct competition. However, Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Despicable Me 3 open on dates close by and these schedules are still subject to change.

Robots are cool, but can they match the box office might of those adorable little Minions?

While we wait patiently for June 23, 2017 to roll around, relive the thrills of Transformers: Age of Extinction in this exhilarating action sequence.

What would you like to see happen in Transformers: The First Knight?