Everything You Need To Know About Domino Before ‘Deadpool 2’

A few days ago we learned of the rumor that two actors had been identified as frontrunners for major roles in Deadpool 2: Kyle Chandler as Cable and Mackenzie Davis as Domino. Both are relatively unknown, but have been highly praised in the movies and series they appeared in; Chandler earned an Emmy for his role in Friday Night Lights and Davis’s turn as Cameron Howe in Halt and Catch Fire has been outstanding.

While we’ve already covered the kind of crazy comic book history that Cable and Deadpool share, who exactly is Domino? Domino’s character contributes to Deadpool’s story on many levels, as her arrival teases the introduction of the X- Force and her close relationship with Cable puts her more than once in Deadpool’s path.

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Domino Has An Origin Similar To Deadpool’s

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

Domino, whose real name is Neena Thurman, was created by a secret government program attempting to create the perfect weapon. When the project failed, she was the only subject who survived and was saved from the experiment by her biological mother, who brought her to a church where she could safely grow up.

With her messed up childhood and the absence of her parents, it didn’t take long for Domino to go rogue and join a team of mercenaries called Six Pack. Sound familiar? Her power might be even cooler than Deadpool’s, though, as instead of having healing abilities she’s able to manipulate probabilities. Which basically means that she has more luck than anyone else, as any situation can have a positive turnout for her no matter how small the chances.

Domino Has Close Ties With Cable ā€” And A Complex History With Copycat

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

What makes Domino’s introduction to a new Deadpool movie really interesting, though, lies in her ties to various characters in the Deadpool universe. She’s extremely close to Cable, who we know is a good buddy of Deadpool’s ā€” most of the time. She first met him in the Six Pack before becoming his trusted ally in the X-Force, going as far as taking control of the group when Cable was out and about (that’s what time-traveling heroes tend to do). Even more than an ally, she’s also had a romantic relationship with Cable, and she’s flirted with Colossus before, so she couldn’t fit into Deadpool’s world any easier.

Her introduction in the comic books also gives her a bit of a history with Copycat, the shapeshifting mutant who was (supposedly) played by Morena Baccarin’s Vanessa in Deadpool. Domino’s first appearance on the page in New Mutants #98 was actually Copycat pretending to be her, as she’d been hired by a villain named Mister Tolliver to spy on Cable while the real Domino was held captive. However, Copycat’s mission failed as she grew attached to the team, and Cable eventually found out and arranged to free Domino.

Is The X-Force Coming To The Deadpool-verse?

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

Now that 20th Century Fox has brought Deadpool as well as Psylocke and Wolverine to the big screen, the arrival of Cable and Domino could mean that we’re soon to see at least an early iteration of the X-Force. Especially when the X-Men’s Colossus has been trying for so long to bring Deadpool into the group, the rougher alternative of the X-Force would seem like the right compromise to solo Wade.

Created in 1991, the X-Force comics have been a constant among fan favorites, so the demand for a movie adaptation is certainly there. The presence of the X-Force in the movies would also bring us closer to a Deadpool/X-Men merge, so here’s hoping!

Who do you want to see playing Domino in Deadpool 2?


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