Everything You Need To Know About ‘Supergirl’

— the home of superhero television. While the Melissa Benoist series currently , there has been speculation that Kara will eventually transfer Earths and be aligned with Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

If you didn’t have access to CBS or were unable to watch the first season, then fear not my fellow nerds — here’s a run down of all the important action from Season One of Supergirl.

Kara Zor-El

Starting young — Kara heads for Earth.
Starting young — Kara heads for Earth.

As I’m sure you superhero nerds all know, a long time ago, the planet Krypton was facing destruction. In a bid to save her daughter, Alura Zor-El put her daughter Kara in a pod and sent her to Earth to watch over her baby cousin Kal-El. On the way to Earth, Kara’s pod got knocked off course and ended up in the Phantom Zone where she remained for several decades. Eventually she broke free and arrived on earth, but her cousin had already grown up to become Superman.

Kara was adopted by the Danvers. Her sister Alex works for an underground organization called the DEO — The Department of Extra-normal Operations.

Kara Danvers — Assistant by Day

Cat Grant is Kara's unexpected mentor.

Cat Grant is Kara’s unexpected mentor.

Kara works at CatCo Media, a media company owned and led by the incomparable Cat Grant. Kara is Cat’s assistant and often looks to the harsh but beloved Cat for support — both as Kara and as Supergirl.

Cat is a source of inspiration for both Kara and her alter ego as Cat represents a woman who had to fight her way to the top — similar to what Supergirl is trying to do, but she’s only starting out and still needs guidance.

Kara Danvers — Supergirl by Night

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No — it's Supergirl!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No — it’s Supergirl!

In the pilot episode, Alex is on a plane headed for Geneva when an accident causes the plane to malfunction. Unwilling to let her sister perish, Kara takes off her nerdy glasses and heads for the skies. She saves the plane which leads to nationwide media coverage— with none other than Cat Grant naming this mysterious savior Supergirl. With help from her friend Winn, Kara dons the cape and an outfit fitted with her cousin’s “S” symbol — The house of El’s coat of arms.

From there on out, Kara spends her days fetching Cat’s coffee and her nights kicking ass and fighting crime. Whenever National City is in danger, Kara swings into action as Supergirl!

The Team

Hard at work — the terrific trio.

Hard at work — the terrific trio.

Supergirl’s job is tough and not even the Girl of Steel can survive without a little help from her friends. Despite not existing within the Arrow-verse, Supergirl definitely borrows several key elements from it, specifically the large array of sidekicks that Kara has on her team. Lets take a look at Team Supergirl:

  • Winn Schott — Kara’s colleague at CatCo. He’s a fellow nerd and is secretly in love with Kara. He becomes a member of Team Supergirl very early on in the series and he’s essentially Supergirl‘s answer to Felicity Smoak. As I’m sure you comic fans will have guessed from the name, he’s the son of the infamous Toyman, who’s currently serving time in prison.
  • Alex Danvers — Kara’s adoptive sister; the two are very close. Alex works for the DEO and together they hunt extraterrestrial beings. Alex opposes Kara’s decision to don the cape but eventually, she sees that National City needs Supergirl.
  • Hank Henshaw — Head of the DEO. Hank is not cool with Supergirl at the beginning as he sees all alien life forms as a threat. That is until he reveals a huge secret midway through the season — he’s really Martian Manhunter a.k.a. J’onn J’onzz! Bet you didn’t see that coming, huh? Together Hank, Kara and Alex defend National City from threats.
  • James Olsen — James also works at CatCo. Superman sent him there to watch over his beloved cousin and point her down the right path. There is definitely chemistry between Olsen and Kara and by the end of the first season the pair are officially an item. Aw, shucks!
Oh, Winn.

The Foes

Living a double life isn’t easy, but on top of her stressful days as Cat’s assistant, Kara also has to take on some pretty badass villains. Throughout the first season, Supergirl amassed her own rogues gallery. Here are the prime suspects who make Kara’s life that little bit harder:

We all hate family reunions! — Taking on Astra
  • Astra — Kryptonian, she’s Kara’s aunt and is physically identical to Alura. Astra opposed the human race and along with Non, her husband, she attempted to install a deadly weapon known as Myriad. Eventually, she saw that her nice was correct — the humans were not bad. Unfortunately her epiphany came a little too late and Kara’s adoptive sister Alex was forced to kill Astra to save Hank.
  • Non — The main villain of the first season. After Astra’s death, Non decided to carry on with the plan and complete Myriad. He despises the human race and will stop at nothing to see them all extinguished.
  • Siobhan Smythe/Silver Banshee — Siobhan initially worked at CatCo Media as Cat Grant’s alternative assistant and she made no attempt to hide her ambition and make Kara’s life a living hell. While Kara was infected with Red Kryptonite, she got Siobhan fired and Siobhan embraced her Irish curse — she had an inner banshee. Siobhan also has an on/off relationship with Winn.
  • Indigo — A Kryptonian who can hack into all of earth’s technology. She’s also an accomplice of Non’s and believes the universe would be better without humans.
  • Livewire — She was a former employee of Cat Grant’s until a freak accident involving the Girl of Steel turned her into a lightning wielding, technology transporting maniac. She’s also got a vendetta against Cat Grant.
Maybe you didn’t hear me?

Supergirl Meets The Flash

Your friendly neighborhood superheroes!

Your friendly neighborhood superheroes!

Although Supergirl exists in an entirely different universe than The Flash — — the second season of The Flash explored the possibility of crossing dimensions and moving from Earth to Earth. This storyline allowed for Barry Allen to appear on an episode of Supergirl.

It was TV’s event of the year and in the 18 episodes of Supergirl, The Flash met our favorite heroine. Kara and Barry hit it off like a house on fire and the twosome took on Silver Banshee and Livewire.

Best friends forever!

Where We Left Off

Do I know you?

Do I know you?

The first season culminated in an epic battle for mankind as Supergirl and Martian Manhunter took on Non and Indigo. Non had installed Myriad, which made almost every human around the world bow to his commands. After Supergirl rescued them, he was set to destroy all of humanity. After a tough battle, Supergirl succeeded and saved the day. However, before the gang could celebrate, a mysterious Kryptonian pod arrived on Earth. Kara looked confused upon the discovery — does she know who this new arrival is?

And that is what happened on the first season of Supergirl! I hope you found this rundown helpful and I hope you’re excited for the second season of Supergirl! With so much to look forward to — like as well as — it’s set to be better than ever! I know I am looking forward to the possibilities now that Kara is at home on the CW.

Are you looking forward to Supergirl‘s second season? Tell me in the comment section below!


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