Exclusive New ‘Don’t Breathe’ Clip Oozes Ominous Tension

Many horror connoisseurs are fed up of the ghouls and haunted dolls that many movies seem to revolve around these days, but Don’t Breathe could be the perfect antidote as it looks set to bring real, relentless tension to the table that has potential to truly shock.

A new exclusive clip direct from the studio demonstrates the ominous nature of the upcoming home invasion flick:

While traditional home invasion movies focus on the plight of the individuals who are unlucky enough to be preyed upon in their own house, Fede Alvarez boldly flips the whole thing on its head so the criminals are the ones in deep trouble.

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Although the trio of robbers clearly initially think they are totally in charge of the operation when they attempt to rob a blind war veteran sitting on hundreds of thousands of cold, hard dollar — things soon turn against them in a truly haunting way.

So far, reviews for those lucky enough to be scared shitless by the movie at preview screenings are overwhelmingly positive and it looks like Alvarez has smashed it yet again after his Evil Dead reboot in 2013.

If you’re up for being terrorized by the scariest blind killer since the Triffids, Don’t Breathe hits cinemas on August 26.

Do you think Alvarez’s second movie will be even better than his first?


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