Exclusive! Tour The ‘South Park’ 20 Experience At San Diego Comic-Con 2016

South Park has been bringing us some of TV’s most for 20 years. And while the journey’s been filled with , it’s also brought us tons of and . Naturally, the 20th anniversary is coming with special festivities, like the awesome South Park 20 Experience at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

The interactive exhibit, setup just outside of the convention center, features lifesize replicas of the show’s characters and sets. Of course, you’ll get to see the main crew of Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny, but there are plenty of fan favorites in tow like Randy Marsh, Butters, Mr. Hankey, Terrance & Phillip and more. And if you can’t make it down to the convention you’re in luck, because Movie Pilot went live to provide a tour through the exhibit for those of us at home.

As you can see, the South Park 20 Experience perfectly brings the show to life in the real world. Casual fans will find plenty to enjoy with the exhibit, but this one’s really for die-hard South Park aficionados. Packed full with references to different episodes over the show’s history, the Comic-Con exhibit is the perfect tribute for South Park‘s 20th anniversary.

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