Fan Art Shows What Pokémon Would Look Like As Real, Live Pets!

Pokémon GO is taking on a life of its own and the little creatures have inspired many artists and their work. For example, illustraort tamtamdi, who is currently redesigning (also known as Gijinka), consequently inspiring cosplayers.

Now, an illustrator and character designer named has redesigned various Pokémon into real-life pets. In his illustrations, mixes the cute creatures with real-life animals, creating a Pokémon collection that many pet lovers would do anything to have.

Let’s check out a few:

Pikachu As Little Hamsters

Meowth And Mew As Kittens

Milkitank As An Actual Cow

Milotic The Snake

The Wolfdog Lucario

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While these “real-life” pets are only available in the virtual world, we would have to settle for those in Pokémon GO.

Check out what famous Game of Thrones character is also a huge Pokémon GO player in the video below:

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