Fan Casting ‘The Walking Dead’ Crew as Superheroes & Villains!

It can’t be a coincidence that days before the premiere of his new show, Ride With Norman Reedus, Norman went on record as .

And why not? Long after The Walking Dead has gone off the air, people will still be talking about Daryl Dixon. Whenever his name is spoken, two things will immediately come to mind; crossbows and motorcycles. When he and his bike aren’t together (and that hasn’t happened often), it just doesn’t feel right. In fact, the Season 6 reunion hit the feels just about as hard as when Rick and his family were reunited…both times!

How awesome would it be to see him take the flaming reins from Nic Cage?!

Let’s take it one step farther, and fan cast the rest of Rick’s crew in The Walking Dead as superheroes and villains!

Rick – Hulk

Face it; you would not like this guy when he’s angry. Not sure about that? Just ask Dave, Tony, Tomas, Shane, The Pigs, Lou, Joe, Dan, the Terminus butchers, Gareth, Pete, and countless walkers.

Simply put, Rick can be one cool cat. But rub him the wrong way, and the throat-ripping raging monster comes out!

Michonne – X-23

This one is pretty obvious. She dices, she slices, and she can make walker fries and three different…you get it. It’s hard to see her as the cigar-smoking Wolverine, but X-23, his bad-ass female clone? Absolutely!

Glenn – Captain America

My reasoning for this is twofold. First, whenever Glenn is surrounded by walkers and is just about ready to become their dinner, he comes through. From being tied to a chair and still killing a zombie, to using walker bones as weapons, it seems like Glenn could do this all day!

When it comes to baseball bats, however? That could be a different story.

The second reason for choosing Glenn is revenge for all the whitewashing Marvel and the rest of Hollywood has been doing. Besides, what’s more American than a pizza delivery boy?

Carl – Nightwing

Not only was Nightwing a great sidekick to Batman as Robin, but he turns out to be a pretty good hero himself. Carl fits that role perfectly! He’s great as his father’s right-hand man, but corner him when he’s by himself, and he’ll make you wish you hadn’t.

Abraham – Cable

This casting was made based purely on appearances. Just look at him! Give him some white hair, a metal arm and a huge gun, and you have the Merc with a Mouth’s buddy!

Aaron – Green Lantern

To be a member of the Green Lantern Corps, you have to be able to overcome great fear. Aaron seems pretty brave, doesn’t he? He’s done quite well on The Walking Dead, being a reliable little walker killing machine.

Also, if the DCEU ever decides to go with the , Aaron already has a jump on the competition!

Maggie – Punisher

Maggie’s proven herself to be as awesome of a walker (and evil human) killing machine as her hubby, so that Punisher shirt should fit her just fine. Plus, didn’t Frank Castle become the Punisher because some psycho murdered his family?

Moving right along…

Negan – Joker

The Joker is a wild man. He has no rhyme or reason, and really just wants to watch the world burn. Negan doesn’t seem to be that extreme, but he is murderous and wildly unpredictable in the comics, and will hopefully be the same in the show.

How funny would it have been if Negan had thrown Rick that line in the Season 6 finale, considering which characters he and Lauren Cohan play in Batman v Superman!

Which TWD/superhero/villain fan cast would YOU like to see?


My reality check just bounced!