Fear Not, This Seemingly Filthy AF ‘Hey Arnold!’ Clip Is Definitely Not A Sex Scene

From the in The Rugrats to checking into “The No Tell Motel” in Rocko’s Modern Life, it doesn’t take a professional perve to weed out dirty innuendoes in the Nickelodeon classics that dominated our childhoods. Sure, they passed over our heads as kids, but serves an extra kick of hilarity as adults.

Though, as brow raising as some of these innuendoes can be, they’re mostly totally harmless. Mostly.

One particular scene from the much loved animated show, Hey Arnold!, reached heights of virality recently thanks to a re-surfaced clip that was uploaded to Vine by in 2013. The scene in question involved a dinning table and one hungry occupant…but what the character appears to be eating has caused some pretty confused (to say the least) reactions. Take a look — and sorry in advance:

I know what you’re thinking; “WT-actual-F, how did I miss THAT?!” Mostly because, that’s the reaction this now infamous clip has received from basically everyone who’s watched it.

However, thankfully for you, your childhood and Arnold and Helga, this scene is far more innocent than that Vine would have you believe. According MTV (who is owned by the same company as , Viacom), there is a perfectly legit explanation:

“Fortunately, there’s a totally reasonable explanation for this moment that looks raunchy AF at first glance. You see, this scene is from Hey Arnold!’s Thanksgiving episode, where Helga and Arnold join Mr. Simmons’s quaint dinner. Joy and Peter, the characters who appear to be getting their freak on in the Vine, are both at said dinner.”

And here is the view from the other side with Peter sat at the dinning table, munching a chicken leg in front of the window:

via Nickelodeon

via Nickelodeon

And Joy sitting beside him, definitely not bending over.

via Nickelodeon

via Nickelodeon


How old were you when you started to spot the naughty jokes in Nickelodeon shows?