Feel like some Netflix Nostalgia? Too Bad…These Movies From Your Childhood Aren’t Even There!

There are lists and lists out there of all the great movies Netflix offers. Little known horror flicks, classic comedies, and television series are available by the hundreds, and they’re all at your fingertips.
But what about the movies that people LOVE, but apparently, Netflix hates?The first time I signed up for Netflix, I thought man, this is cool. I’m gonna go watch me some Back to the Future.One search later, and bam. No Marty McFly.And so began my rude awakening, figuring out that Netflix really doesn’t show many great, classic movies. Here are quite a few that you’ll have to go elsewhere to see, or rent with Netflix DVD.Back to the Future I, II and III

Currently, number three is available on DVD, but great scott! Who wants to wait?The Goonies

Weird Science

Who wouldn’t want to see this scene? Sure, there’s YouTube, but you might decide to watch the whole damn movie!NO STAR WARS

Sure, there are a couple Clone Wars, but seriously…none of the six are up. I guess there IS Jedi Junkies…

But Star Trek? Look at that selection!

Ghost Busters

Not a darned one.Any Indiana Jones movies?

Nope.Just The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, and even that’s only available on DVD.Superman

Nothing but Sunshine Superman, a documentary about a skydiver. Which actually might not be too bad…Gremlins

Sorry, no Gizmo for you, either after midnight or before.Stand By Me

It should be a crime not to have this one available anytime you want it!Rambo AND Rocky!

Okay, this list is making me mad at Netflix…I’ll just let this be the last entry!Any movies that Netflix needs to have, and doesn’t? Let me know in the comments!