First Look At Maggie Geha On ‘Gotham’ Confirms That Poison Ivy Is Coming

We recently found out that . Geha will be replace Clare Foley, who portrayed the character for the first two seasons of the show. Many were confused as the recast meant that the character would have to undergo one heck of a growth spurt. Fox have since released a synopsis on how the transformation will take place, explaining that the aging will be the result of a run-in with a monster on Indian Hill.

Furthermore, they have released the first official photo of Geha in the role:

Poison Ivy: Maggie Geha as Ivy Pepper on "Gotham."

Poison Ivy: Maggie Geha as Ivy Pepper on “Gotham.”

Of course, with Gotham being a prequel show, it’s hard for them to be able to adapt any of the famous Batman villains when Bruce Wayne is still a child. While we have seen worthy versions of the Penguin and Mr. Freeze already done on the show, fans were worried that they had “jumped the shark” with the sudden aging of Ivy Pepper. Clare Foley has done a fantastic job as the young Pepper, who became friendly with Selina and Bruce throughout the first season. However, from the photograph, it’s evident that Geha will become the Poison Ivy that we all know and love from DC Comics.


While Poison Ivy is renowned for her adoration of Mother Nature and her constant residence in Gotham’s botanical gardens, she is also renowned for her seductive ways. Remember, she’s downright alluring when she wants to be. From the official reveal of Geha in the role, it’s clear that Gotham has taken great care in remaining loyal to the essence of the character.

Of course, she retains the green in which Foley’s younger iteration was known for, however Geha’s age allows Gotham to portray the mature aspect of the character. From the green, to the low-cut dress to the hair-styling, Geha’s Ivy Pepper looks very similar to the Poison Ivy we grew up with.

Look familiar?
Look familiar?

Furthermore, the older actress allows Gotham to play around with more mature stories as they explore the character getting used to her newfound seductiveness. Despite the fact that Clare Foley did a remarkable job as the younger Ivy Pepper, it doesn’t change the fact that the character was still a child. The growth and age spurt will allow the character’s sensuality to bloom. Expect to see Ivy Pepper utilizing both sides of her personality in Season 3 of Gotham. Who knows, we might even see some poisonous kisses!

Men of Gotham City beware!

Power Of The Plants

With age comes maturity, and that doesn’t just mean growing up. As Ivy will transition into an adult much more quickly, Fox revealed in the synopsis that she will also have a greater control over her unique powers.

Watch out “Gotham”!

In the comic books, Poison Ivy is known to have great power over Mother Nature, possessing the ability to summon trees, vines and monstrous plant creatures to do her bidding. Having her unleash these abilities will also allow Fox the opportunity to explore more storylines with the character as he learns to understand her powers. It will almost definitely result in a plant increase in Gotham City. Things are about to get a lot more thorny on Gotham.

Ivys: Clare Foley and Maggie Geha alongside DC's Poison Ivy.

Ivys: Clare Foley and Maggie Geha alongside DC’s Poison Ivy.

The official introduction of Maggie Geha marks the end of an era for Gotham and the beginning of a new one. We will bid farewell to the immensely talented Clare Foley, who introduced us to the character and helped us fall in love with the exciting new origin story. But we will now welcome Maggie Geha whose introduction will reacquaint us to the comic book character we have been looking forward to. While Foley was a recurring role, Geha will join the cast as a series regular, so expect to be seeing a lot more from the lady in green.

One Ivy Pepper may be leaving us, but it’s very clear to me that Poison Ivy will be joining us .

Are you excited to see Maggie Geha debut as Ivy Pepper? Or do you wish they had stuck with Clare Foley’s younger iteration of the character? Let us know in the comments!

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