Fist Bumps For Diversity: Mark Millar Reveals His New ‘Kick-Ass’ Is A Black Female Teen

Regardless of where you stand on the matter, the reality is that progress marches on. Today, famed comic book author Mark Millar made it clear where he stood in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter with the announcement that he was unveiling a new character to take up the mantle of Kick-Ass in his relaunch of the comic.

The new Kick-Ass by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr

The new Kick-Ass by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr

Millar is one of the growing number of comic book writers who want to see more diversity in comics

No longer will Kick-Ass be nerdy teen Dave Lizewski, but a black, female teenager who will have “a completely different take” on the character. Millar was very clear on why he had decided there needed to be a new Kick-Ass. He firmly believes it’s time to make comics more interesting in the stories they tell and characters they represent:

“Comics is not short of white males aged around 30; that demographic seems pretty well catered for in popular culture. I don’t think many blonde white guys around 30 feel under-represented when they pick up comic or watch a movie. Being older or younger or female or African-American just seems more interesting to me as a writer because this character is quite unique and opens up story possibilities that hasn’t been tried in almost eighty years of superhero fiction. This woman has a completely different take on Kick-Ass.”

While we don’t know much about the character herself, as Millar is so far keeping those details under wraps, the writer revealed how he sees Kick-Ass as a character. Much like the person under the cowl of Batman or Spider-Man’s mask or behind Captain America’s shield, Millar envisions Kick-Ass as a legacy character, where multiple characters can carry on the name.

“Kick-Ass is like James Bond or Doctor Who where with a new face and a new situation and it suddenly feels very exciting. Every four volumes or so I want a different person in the mask. Sometimes it might even only last a single volume or even a single issue.”

A new Kick-Ass opens up endless possibilities for a movie reboot

The new story will actually be set in a completely new city, with a brand-new cast of supporting characters surrounding the reimagined main character. Though the setting will be different, the series was one that Millar really missed writing and yearned to get back to, he revealed. It’s a fantastic idea to reimagine Kick-Ass as a young, black female. I mean, let’s be honest: Hit-Girl was why we watched the movies, not Kick-Ass. Imagine if Kick-Ass were as dynamic and ballsy as Hit-Girl.

What’s interesting is the possibilities this raises about a potential Kick-Ass movie reboot or sequel, or even a Hit-Girl spinoff. In an , he admitted that he felt the Kick-Ass movie franchise suffered from bad timing. It was ahead of its time, perhaps about five years too soon. Now, the general moviegoing audience is more comfortable with weirder comic book adaptations, like Deadpool or Millar’s Kingsman: The Secret Service, but the hyper-violent, stylized aesthetic and tone of Kick-Ass was about five years too soon for audiences to truly embrace. Imagine if we’d this sequel now as a follow-up to a movie that came out in 2010:

Imagine how much fun it would be to get a Hit-Girl spinoff movie (which had been a possibility for a while) featuring her and the new Kick-Ass? I would totally be down to see two teenage girls lighting up some criminals—and I’d wager a bet this new version of Kick-Ass won’t be quite as whiny as Dave Lizewski.

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