Five Great Stories Of Marvel Characters Coming Out


In an issue of All New X-Men where the original X-Men came to the present, Jean Grey read Iceman’s mind and told him he no longer had to hide who he really was. She told him she knew he was gay. After a few moments, Iceman and Jean talk and he seems OK with her knowing.

Brian Michael Bendis should be applauded for the way he wrote Iceman’s come out. As should Jeff Lemire for continuing for keeping Iceman gay in Extraordinary X-Men without changing him and turning his character into a stereotype. If anything, Iceman has become a bit stronger in the comics. Maybe since the weight was lifted off of his shoulders he’s become more comfortable in his skin whether it be ice or human.

Wolverine and Hercules

In X-Treme X-Men, Hercules and Wolverine were their Earth’s greatest heroes. When they killed a the greatest monster to ever threaten Canada, they confessed their love for each other (just like the image above said). Hercules eventually told Zeus and Zeus didn’t approve. Apparently, only Zeus can get it on with mortals. That didn’t stop Herc and Wolverine from continuing their relationship. When Hercules died, Wolverine said he always wanted to go to Hades. Looks like Logan was determined to get his man back no matter what. Two men from two different worlds and walks of life who found love for each other. It would have been cool to see the story before they joined the reality hopping Exiles…I mean X-Treme X-Men.

Jean-Paul DuChamp (Frenchie)

Moon Knight had a pilot and friend named Jean-Paul DuChamp that was with him through the good and the bad. So much so that he lost both of his legs in service to Moon Knight and his god Khonshu. Later, Marc Spector abandoned his Moon Knight persona and years later visited Frenchie at his restaurant. When Frenchie told Marc he took a partner, it took him until Frenchie said it again that he meant a relationship and no a business owner. Marc was upset because DuChamp was his friend and was hurt that never told him. Marc was confused because there were so many women. DuChamp said “Just because I can make an omelette, does not make me a chef”. Marc stormed out and called Frenchie a liar for never telling him he was gay. Frenchie was later attacked and put in the hospital. Marc visited Frenchie in the hospital and met Frenchie’s partner. The two shook hands and Marc left. Once Marc calmed down, he went to see Frenchie again and the two became friends once again.

Rictor and Shatterstar

In the 90s and early 2000s comic book fans used to joke about Shatterstar and Rictor being a couple. Apparently, we were that far off. In an issue of X-Factor, Shatterstar was mind controlled and attempted to kill Strong Guy and Rictor. Once Shatterstar was freed, he immediately kissed Rictor. Strong Guy was shocked (later Strong Guy tells Jamie Madrox and Jamie was confused to how he didn’t know). Rictor and Shatterstar had their ups and downs due to Shatterstar not really understanding what monogamy was and why it’s important. But Rictor stayed with him and helped him find his way.

Earlier in the series, Rictor and Rahne (Wolfsbane) were intimate and when she found out that Rictor liked men, she freaked out. When Rictor and Rahne finally talked about Rictor being gay, she thought that her leaving him made him gay and that saying that she was pregnant with his baby would make him straight again. Rictor laughed and tells Rahne that what he did wasn’t wasn’t fair to her and that he had been someone else too long. The two left as friends. Rahne may not have understood, but she definitely accepted who he was.

Ultimate Jessica Drew

In this Universe, Jessica Jones is cloned from Peter Parker’s DNA. She ended up not only getting all of Peter Parker’s powers, she also got all of Peter’s memories and feelings. That included how that she was into red heads (Mary Jane Watson) and apparently Jewish girls too (she flat out told Kitty Pryde that). It was a really cool moment while they were at the beach and written so it was a big deal for Jessica Drew and made easier by her friends and teammates accepting who she is.


Marvel, as well as DC, Comics has never really been shy about creating gay characters. In reality, there are people out there with lifestyles other than what we know and we as people may not understand, but comic book companies do there best to try and show that they accept and praise people with the courage to be themselves.

These are few of my favorites. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below


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