‘Flashpoint’ Could Introduce Hal Jordan On ‘The Flash,’ But Probably Not As Green Lantern

Season 3 of The Flash is shaping up to be , possibly with more twists and turns than either of the previous seasons. The reason for the insanity is because we will be .

This is a story where Barry travels back in time to save his mother and in doing so creates immense changes to the timeline. The comic featured almost , but the TV show will not have that luxury, so they will have to make their own version of the popular story.

This doesn’t mean that they won’t draw inspiration from the comics and pluck some aspects of the story and the characters. I’v started looking at the different characters of Flashpoint and trying to piece together any characters that could feasibly join the show during Season 3. I keep coming back to a character that has been hinted at throughout the Arrow-verse, but has never actually made a real appearance: Hal Jordan, better known as the Green Lantern.

The Easter eggs have been as simple as mentions of getting pizza from Coast City and name-dropping Ferris Airlines. These things weren’t just paid lip service but visibly seen — although briefly — as well:

Green Lantern’s Origins

Ferris Airlines is a big part of the Hal Jordan lore. Hal was a pilot for Ferris and in The Flash episode “Rogue Air,” Barry even states that Ferris Air was shut down due to a test pilot going missing. In the comics, Hal Jordan comes across the dying Green Lantern Abin Sur after crash landing a test flight. The dying alien gives his Green Lantern power ring to Hal but in doing so sends the pilot to the planet Oa for Green Lantern training — thus Hal going “missing.”

But it’s not just mentions of Coast City and Ferris Air that we got:

Hal Jordan in "Green Arrow."

Hal Jordan in “Green Arrow.”

An actual picture of Hal Jordan! Kind of. During the Season 4 premiere of Arrow titled “Green Arrow,” we got this shot of Jordan during one of Arrow’s usual flashbacks. This is presumed to be Hal Jordan wearing his signature flight jacket with his name attached. It is key to remember that this shot of Jordan is in a flashback, so that means it happened before he was referenced as “missing” on The Flash. So not only are we getting multiple Easter eggs for the character, but also a relative timeline of the character’s origin as it plays out in the background of both shows.

We now know that Hal Jordan indeed exists in the Arrow-verse and can make the assumption that since a test pilot went missing from Ferris Air — and the shows went out of their way to make sure we only saw Jordan during a flashback — we can guess that he is currently on Oa being trained as a Green Lantern in the main, pre-“Flashpoint” timeline.

Where Is Hal Jordan In The Flashpoint Comic?

"Flashpoint: Hal Jordan" Issue 2.

“Flashpoint: Hal Jordan” Issue 2.

In the Flashpoint timeline of the comic book, Hal Jordan is on Earth but never became a Green Lantern. He was still a pilot, but when he met the alien Abin Sur, Sur survived and did not give Hal his ring.

During this alternate timeline, Hal is an ace jet pilot who is serving his country during the war between the Atlanteans and Amazonians. In the comic, Hal is key to stopping the war, because he is flying a plane that is carrying a nuclear weapon that will end the Amazonian reign and help bring an end to the fighting. Something goes wrong and when he can’t fire the weapon from his ship, his only option is a suicide attack. He flies his plane into the target and dies a hero.

Obviously there will be no Atlantean/Amazonian war in the TV show version of Flashpoint. There will have to be some kind of new threat though, so who knows what new characters will be introduced?

Where Will Hal Jordan Be During Season 3 of The Flash?

As we have speculated about Hal Jordan being on Oa in the main timeline of the Arrow-verse, with the events of “Flashpoint” that outcome will likely differ tremendously.

Events that transpired during the main timeline are going to change in this altered world, and more than likely that could mean a certain test pilot remains safe and sound on Earth. Like in the Flashpoint comic, Hal Jordan may never become Green Lantern because Abin Sur was never killed. The same plot could be utilized by The Flash with the character being featured as a cameo, if not a recurring role.

"Flashpoint: Hal Jordan" Issue 1.

“Flashpoint: Hal Jordan” Issue 1.

Both shows have been dropping Easter eggs left and right that not only prove Jordan’s existence, but also outline the basics of his origin story from the comics. This is not done just for the hell of it, because what would be the point? If they were nothing more than nods meant for the comic fans, then where are the multiple Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman Easter Eggs? They obviously have future plans for the character and “Flashpoint” could be the perfect opportunity for his debut.

While we don’t know what new threats will be waiting in the alternate timeline, we can only assume that they will be Earth-shattering since this is Flashpoint. We have already seen the military interfere with events on The Flash before and Hal Jordan could even be featured this season as the guy brought in to help with whatever the threat is.

What Will Happen To Hal Jordan After Flashpoint?

Green Lantern soars.

Green Lantern soars.

The beauty of using the Flashpoint storyline is the fact that the writers are going to be able to play with a bunch of different characters and when the storyline is over, all actions could be wiped away and returned to their original order once the timeline is fixed.

It would allow for the writers to include a non-superpowered Hal Jordan in the story and then once “Flashpoint” is over, Hal can return to being “missing” and whatever future plans the shows had for Green Lantern will remain unaltered.

Throwing in a common jet pilot version of Hal Jordan would be a big deal for the fans and allow them to flesh out the character within the universe before his arrival as the actual Green Lantern.

Do you guys think Hal Jordan could be featured in The Flash Season 3? Tell me what you think in the comments!


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