Four Actors Who Should be Cast as Superman on ‘Supergirl’!

When it was announced that Supergirl was picked up by CBS, one major question that often came up was how the show would handle Supergirl’s famous cousin, the Man of Steel himself, Superman. Up until now, Superman has made minor appearances here and there, with a CGI version of the character flying in with his face obscured. It didn’t seem likely that we would ever have an actor cast in the role, but that’s about to change.

Warner Bros. announced that Superman will be appearing the in first two episodes of Supergirl’s second season. “We are currently in the casting process for this role,” Warner Bros. announced via a press release. As with previous casting news concerning DC’s television and films, don’t expect to see Henry Cavill doing double duty on Supergirl. The producers will be taking a new route with a different actor. And with that, let the speculations begin as to who will play the Man of Steel on the small screen.

Though, before we get started with our top four actors for the role, it is very interesting that Superman is being cast on Supergirl in the first place. It has often been speculated that DC isn’t too keen on using the same character on both the big and small screen. The deaths of Amanda Waller and Floyd Lawton on The CW’s Arrow, two major characters in the upcoming film Suicide Squad, seem to add weight to this speculation. But with Superman making an actual appearance on the show, it suggests that DC may be giving its other branches creative freedom to use the bigger names in DC’s arsenal.

On a side note, Supergirl will be making its move to The CW in the fall, joining The CW’s Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. It’s already been reported that a major crossover event will unfold between all shows, which means, if they manage to merge Supergirl’s world, with The CW’s universe, then Superman would be a part of said universe, which leaves the door wide open for other heroes to pop up…dark, broody, heroes with bat caves…alright, alright, let’s get back on track. Who should play Superman on Supergirl?

Tom Wellington

via Comicbook Resources

via Comicbook Resources

Tom Wellington is a fan favorite for the role and with good reason. Wellington played Clark Kent for ten seasons on The CW’s popular television series Smallville. The show focused on the early years of the Man of Steel, which featured an array of story lines that ultimately led to Clark Kent becoming Superman. While Clark never fought crime in Superman’s tradition suit, the series finale finally saw Clark suiting up as he saved the world from destruction. With Wellington open to playing the role again, it seems like an easy choice.

Jon Hamm

via Huffington Post

via Huffington Post

Jon Hamm starred as ad man Don Draper on AMC’s critically acclaimed Mad Men for seven seasons. The actor has played a variety of characters during his career, but he has yet to play a superhero. With Hamm’s unique facial features, and his array of talent, it’s a surprise that he hasn’t yet played a hero. Unfortunately, it’s because he isn’t interested. Hamm has gone on record that he isn’t too excited to jump into the superhero bandwagon due to the numerous film commitments that are attached to superhero roles. Fortunately, Superman’s role on Supergirl wouldn’t take too much of his time, since he would probably appear every now and then, leaving him plenty of room to accept other roles and projects.