Four For You, Kevin G! This ‘Mean Girls’ Star Went From Mathlete To Complete Babe

It’s been 12 years since ‘s Kevin G. rapped his way into our hearts, and since then actor Rajiv Surendra has turned from everyone’s favorite bad-ass MC/captain of the North Shore mathletes into a total babe.

It has come to our attention that in the last 12 years Mr. Surendra has gotten very, very dreamy — and his account proves it.



Not only that, but he is also a well-respected chalk and calligraphy artist, sharing his incredibly works of art on a separate account.


Rajiv’s love of art came from High School, where he enjoyed pottery, drawing and painting as well as musical theater and acting. In an interview with , Rajiv explained why he decided to pursue other interests after Mean Girls:

As the popularity of Mean Girls was growing over the years, I was interested in pursuing a career in acting, but it was just very, very hard to actually land roles. People would often stop me and say, “Oh, what else have you done?” and the answer was always nothing. And they’re like, “Why, you were so good in Mean Girls?” and the answer was, “Well, it wasn’t for lack of trying. Trust me, I’ve been trying.” All the while, I continued to do my other hobbies.

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As “other hobbies” go, these are pretty insane, plus his most recent work (Garrow Kedigian’s “Napoleon’s Lounge”) was featured in the . Damn, Kevin G!


And if all that wasn’t hot enough for you, he’s also totally adorable, and still refers to himself as “Kevin G, the rapping mathlete from MEAN GIRLS.”

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Four for you, Rajiv- don’t let the haters stop you doing your thang!

Who was your favorite Mean Girls character?

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