Free Fire

Red Band Trailer for Free Fire.

Set in Boston in 1978, a meeting in a deserted warehouse between two gangs turns into a shootout and a game of survival.Ben Wheatley is the Director and Writer for Free Fire. He has also written films & .

Olivia Wilde was originally cast as the lead but had to drop out and Brie Larson replaced her.

was also casted in the film but had to drop out too.

Free Fire Red Band Trailer Screen Shot 1
Brie Larson and Michael Smiley have both worked with Edgar Wright; he directed Larson in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and he directed Smiley In Spaced and .
It is always nice to see a film jump out of the gate with a Red Band Trailer. This trailer is really not too R-rated but just enough swearing and blood. I always think a red band trailer is the best way for a studio to let viewers know the tone of the film and give them a better sense of what they are in store when they potentially go see the film. We all want to know how brutal the film will be.

Free Fire Red Band Trailer Screen Shot 2
The cast in this film looks great! I love Brie Larson and Sharlto Copley… (she won the Oscar for Best Actress) and were amazing films. Plus I have heard that Sam Riley and Jack Reynor give amazing performances and “steal the show”.

Based on this trailer, for the most part it looks like the film takes place entirely inside this warehouse with guns blazing. It will be interesting to see how the story develops with such limited space in order to keep the film moving and not get stale. So far the praise seems to be good out of TIFF and my hopes are high for this one.
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