From ‘E.T.’ To ‘SNL’ Drew Barrymore Shares The Ultimate Throwbacks

Few celebrities have had such long and fruitful careers as Drew Barrymore. After wowing the world with her performance as Gertie in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial at the age of seven, she has been acting frequently ever since.

Yesterday, Barrymore cleaned out her storage unit and decided to share her findings with her Instagram followers. The actress’s endeavor proved to be a treasure trove of awesome throwbacks and memories from her many years in the spotlight. And unlike my own embarrassing childhood photos, Barrymore’s are undeniably adorable.

Check out a few of Drew Barrymore’s favorite throwbacks:

1. Casually Hanging Out With Quincy Jones and E.T.

A photo posted by Drew Barrymore (@drewbarrymore) on

In the front left you can spot an adorable young Rashida Jones!

2. Standing Atop A Limo For Her SNL Promos

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So when Drew Barrymore stands on top of a limo it’s “adorable,” but when I do it I’m “drunk” and “need to seek counseling?” Seems like an ageist double standard.

3. A Letter To A Pen Pal

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“I am happy with my life just the way I am.”

4. Somehow Pulling Off This Sad Clown Look

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The curled pompadour is a definite plus.

5. On The Set Of Firestarter

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And to think such an cute face is hiding massively dangerous pyrokinetic abilities.

6. Rocking Some Gelled Back ’90s Hair

A photo posted by Drew Barrymore (@drewbarrymore) on

Ahh what a time to be alive.

7. Looking Ultra Glam In This Furry Sweater

A photo posted by Drew Barrymore (@drewbarrymore) on

Guaranteed most parents would never have trusted their child to wear a $210 Valentino angora cardigan.

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That was quite the trip down memory lane. I would like to formally crown Drew Barrymore as Movie Pilot’s reigning queen of throwbacks!

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