Game Of Thrones: 4 Moments from “The Battle of The Bastards” That Disprove The Mad Queen Daenerys Theory

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Season 6, Episode 9 of Game of Thrones. Do not continue reading if you’ve yet to watch the episode as it would be against the Lord of Light’s wishes.

There’s long been a fan theory among Game Of Thrones viewers that Daenerys Targaryen will end up like her father, the mad king Aerys Targaryen. This season, many avid viewers thought that this theory was coming to fruition after Dany made a speech to her new Dothraki army about killing her enemies. While many thought that this motivational speech was merely an empowering moment for Dany, others took to social media to start speculating that this was the beginning of the Mad Queen. However, the events of “The Battle of The Bastards” completely disproved this theory and, if anything, highlighted what kind of ruler Dany would truly be – a great one. Lets take a look at the moments where the Mad Queen theory became defunct.

1. Dany took Tyrion’s advice

As the war on Meereen rages on, Dany tells Tyrion that she plans to wage war on the city to stop the protestors – killing every one of them in the process. Tyron disagrees with her approach and mentions that Dany is aware of her father’s nature. When he lists all the heinous acts that the mad king had committed, Dany looks disgusted at her father’s actions. She wholeheartedly accepts Tyrion’s alternative approach, whereby no innocents where slaughtered at her hands. Dany and Tyrion are becoming quite the dream team – with his knowledge, her power and her family name, Westeros had better prepare itself.

2. Dany’s acknowledgement of her father’s failures

Yara and Theon Greyjoy arrive in Meereen and have an audience with Dany. Upon discussion, Dany and Yara realise that they’ve a lot in common – mainly their fathers and how they were both terrible kings. The two also find common ground on the idea that women are fit to rule. Dany further acknowledges her father’s wrong-doings by referring to him as “evil”.

Yara and Dany see each other as equals and they definitely bond – Dany seems humbled and happy with her decision. Tyrion approves of the arrangement and Dany and Yara show appreciation for one another. This scene not only disproved the mad queen theory, but further highlighted that Dany is more than capable of making difficult decisions and being a fair ruler.

3. Dany proved that she can be both a ruler and a warrior

One of the greatest moments that we’ve ever seen on Game Of Thrones saw Dany fearlessly enter the battlefield with her dragons and exact revenge for herself. She didn’t have Daario do it for her, she handled it on her own. This may have been Tyrion’s plan, but Dany successfully carried it out with no fear.

Moreover, Dany shows mercy towards the masters’ army, allowing them to return home to their families unharmed. Balancing justice and mercy was something that she struggled with in the past, but here she handles it perfectly. Later Dany returns to her glamorous clothing and hosts her guests. Unlike the mad king before her, Dany proved that she has what it takes to both rule and fight.

4. Dany let Tyrion off the hook

I don’t think I was alone in thinking that Dany was going to be very angry with Tyrion when she arrived back in Meereen to discover that war had plagued her city. Astonishingly, despite a little disappointment, Dany remained calm and listened to what Tyrion had to say. Furthermore, she took his advice on how to deal with the matter. If Dany was anything like her father, she would’ve been furious with Tyrion and perhaps vented her anger – she did neither. Dany knows that Tyrion is a valuable ally in her pursuit of the Seven Kingdoms and more importantly, Tyrion is now her friend. Unlike her father, Dany would not harm her friends.

Sorry to burst your bubble naysayers but “mad” will not be a word used to describe Dany’s potential reign. Instead we will be using words like “great” or “compassionate”. Dany continues to prove that she has what it takes to rule the Seven kingdoms and with each new episode she adds yet another feat to her impressive resume. Westeros had better watch out – if they’re not careful they may actually get a ruler that has what it takes. Seven hells!

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