‘Game of Thrones’ Actor Addresses The Biggest Issue From “Battle Of The Bastards”!

Wowzers, Game of Thrones superb ninth episode from Season 6 certainly managed to live up to its hype. Whilst some are hailing it as the best episode ever, there was one slight issue that we had with the series’s latest outing. Snow and co. may have employed some clever military tactics, but if only someone had taught poor Rickon Stark the basics on arrow avoidance! Fair to say, Twitter has lost its s**t!

We’ve seen it happen before and we will see it happen again. Just like Meredith Vickers in Prometheus, poor little Rickon Stark should have zig-zagged away from Ramsay Bolton’s incoming arrow. Stone-cold bitch Sansa Stark may have already resigned Rickon to the ‘In Memoriam’ section, but as Jon Snow rode towards his half-brother, our hearts were in our mouths. Sat on the edge of our seats we wondered if the post-pubescent Stark boy might actually make it out alive, but alas, that Ramsay has better aim than Deadshot!

Actor Art Parkinson is the first to admit his flaws, and took to Twitter to show fans that unlike Jon Snow, he does know something!

Coulda…shoulda…woulda! Perhaps some time on Call of Duty is needed? R.I.P. Rickon.

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