‘Game Of Thrones’ Director Just Sank Our Hopes Of Lady Stoneheart!

Wow, what a week! Someone has swung the sword ‘Hypeslaye’r hard across the Game of Thrones world of fan-theories. It was bye-bye to Syrio Forel’s return, wave ta-ta to Cleganebowl, and Lady Stoneheart has sunk like the proverbial stone in the river. Whilst we are still sure of a gripping final two episodes this year, it is a shame to know that some of our favourite storylines won’t play out in Season 6…or probably ever!

The reintroduction of Rory McCann’s ‘The Hound’, as well as Brienne of Tarth’s visit to the Riverlands and the inclusion of Brynden Tully, all pointed to a neat little introduction of Lady Stoneheart. Unless you have been living under a ‘stone’, you will know that she is the reincarnated corpse of Catelyn Stark, hellbent on revenge against Lannister and Frey forces. After the Red Wedding, and having her throat slit, Catelyn’s body is dragged from the river and resurrected by Beric Dondarrion and his Brotherhood Without Banners. Lem Lemoncloak may only have had a two episode stint on the show, but actor Jóhannes Haukur was so sure that we will not see Catelyn again, he to read the Stoneheart speech (we should have heard) from his character in the books!

Some still held out hope that a post-credits scene will see the lady rise, but now director Mark Mylod has well and truly slit her throat (again). In an interview with Mylod says that Stoneheart was never on the cards:

You know, [fan discussion doesn’t factor in] – certainly not with me. I’m not in the writers room, and I can honestly say, hand over heart, that I have not had one discussion about Lady Stoneheart. So I have no idea what’s going on in David and Dan’s minds. We tend to speak – there’s an old adage about “Play the moment, not the future,” and because I’m such a massive fan myself, I’ll often get carried away talking or discussing future beats for the characters and then have to pull myself back because of course, in terms of actually playing the reality of the moment, these characters cannot see the future. […]

And I don’t mean that as a dodge in this case. I’ve genuinely had no discussions about Lady Stoneheart, so I genuinely couldn’t comment about whether that might or might not be in their minds for the future.

It is important to note that Mylod has only directed two episodes in Season 5, and the two most recent episodes, “The Broken Man” and “No One”. Sadly, both these episodes did seem to head towards a Stoneheart plot, so you have to ask yourself the question, “If they aren’t going to do it now, when are they going to do it?” With only an estimated 13 episodes left of the ENTIRE show, it is getting less and less likely we will get Momma Stark reunion. White Walkers, Wildfire plots and dragon riders seem to be where the final two seasons of HBO’s epic saga is heading *sob*. You have just broken my (stone)heart.

Do you still think we will see Lady Stoneheart? Sound off below!


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