Game Of Thrones: Season 6, Episode 4 “Book of The Stranger” Full Recap

SPOILER WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM SEASON SIX OF GAME OF THRONES.After last week’s exciting instalment fans have, no doubt, been anticipating the arrival of Sunday night’s Game of Thrones. As we know from the images released by HBO, Daenerys is still in the temple of the Dosh Khaleen, Little Finger makes his return after being absent for several episodes and Jorah and Daario are on the hunt for Dany. As usual, so much happened in the episode and so much needs to be discussed. So without further adieu, here is your weekly recap of Game of Thrones.

HBO - I do love the opening credits!

HBO – I do love the opening credits!

The episode opens at Castle Black: Edd questions Jon over his ‘resignation’ from the Nights Watch, asking him where he will go once he departs. Jon, maintaining his new found sense of humour, says that he will go somewhere “warm”. In a shocking turn of events, the gates are opened. Is it war? No, not at all, in fact it’s a rather emotional family reunion as Sansa, Brienne and Podric ride through the Castle Black gates on horseback. After exchanging longing look as at each other, Sansa and Jon embrace. It’s a tearjerking moment that would make even the coldest of hearts melt.

HBO - family reunion

HBO – family reunion

Sansa apologises about the way she treated Jon over the years and he forgives her. They decide to stick together and Sansa suggests returning home to Winterfell. Jon, initially unsure of how to respond, tells her that he’s sick of fighting. Sansa tells him she’s taking back Winterfell with or without him. In the courtyard, Melisandre tells Davos that she serves Jon Snow now. Davos demands an explanation for what happened with Shireen, but before they can discuss any further Brienne interrupts, informing them both that she os the one who killed Stannis. Brienne tells Melisandre that she doesn’t forget, referring to the shadow demon that killed Renly.Petyr Baelish shows up for the first time this season, visiting his nephew Robin Arryn. As always, he has ulterior motives and it soon becomes apparent that he wants the men of the Vale to rescue Sansa, knowing that the Boltons will not stop until they have her back. Robin agrees to the plan to rescue Sansa.Tyrion allows the Great Masters of Slavers Bay to come and see him – a decision that both Missandei and Grey Worm do not take kindly to. Later, Tyrion makes a deal with the Great Masters, making clear that slavery is to be abolished but the masters are allowed seven more years of slavery first – it cannot happen over night, just like winning a war, it takes time. It’s a logical idea, although it’s easy to see why Grey Worm and Missandei have trouble accepting it. Despite their doubts, they tell the former slaves of Meereen to have faith. Grey Worm later tells Tyrion that the Masters are using him, and to not trust them.

HBO - Margaery steps out

HBO – Margaery steps out

Margaery is taken to the High Sparrow for questioning. He remains nice – as he was with Tommen last week – and allows her to see Loras. Loras, looks decrepit – a shadow of his former, pretty self. Margery pleads with Loras not to let the cult win, but he responds by telling her that he no longer cares, he just wants it to stop. He breaks down in her arms and she consoles him.Theon returns home to the Iron Islands and breaks down in front Yara. She tells him how he let her down – how good men died during the previous rescue attempt. She can see that Ramsay broke Theon, but that doesn’t make the situation any easier for her. Theon then tells her that she should be the one to take control of the Iron Islands and he’ll help her in any way that he can.

HBO - Cersei is not pleased.

HBO – Cersei is not pleased.

Tommen informs Cersei that the High Sparrow confided in him some important information: Margaery will complete the Walk of Shame. In the following segment allies become friends as Lady Olenna and Cersei agree that that this cannot happen. A “Civil War” will begin as they agree to take Margaery back home.Osha attempts to seduce Ramsay. In her attempt, she reaches for a knife but unfortunately, Ramsay stabs her in the neck before she can retaliate. She drops to the floor and bleeds out. Back at Castle Black, Sansa and Jon enjoy food: for once they are enjoying a quiet moment. It’s a pleasant moment – one that we are not to familiar with in the cruel world of Westeros. Not long afterwards, a letter is brought to Jon – he recognises the sigil – it’s from Ramsay. The letter details the gruesome things that Ramsay will allegedly do to Jon and Sansa. In the letter, Ramsay confirms that Rickon is in his dungeon. After reading aloud the disturbing letter, they come to the agreement that they will take back Winterfell together.

HBO - Jorah and Daario search for Dany

HBO – Jorah and Daario search for Dany

Jorah and Daario are searching for Dany. They are close. Jorah deducts that the Dothraki would’ve taken her to the Dosh Khaleen, as it’s where she should’ve went after Drogo died. Jorah disarms himself, telling Daario that the Dothraki would start a war if they see two armed men. This way, at least they can pretend to be merchants if they’re caught. Daario notices Jorah’s greyscaled arm, with Jorah confirming that he knows what his fate will be. They enter the Khalasar at night and fight off two Dothraki men – Daario did not remove his favourite knife earlier and therefore, he uses it to stab one of the men.

HBO - Dany before the Dothraki

HBO – Dany before the Dothraki

Daenerys sits among the Dosh Khaleen, as she is informed that whatever the Khal decides, her fate may not be pleasant. Dany and a young Khaleesi exit the temple to get some air, when they are ambushed by Jorah and Daario. Dany says they will never make it out alive, but that she has an idea and she needs their help. Later, we return as the Dothraki horde make their decision about Dany in the temple of the Dosh Khaleen. Daenerys, appearing unusually confident, tells the Dothraki men of how she remembers this temple. It was the temple where Drogo made her promises. She tells them how she will not be their bargaining chip. The Khal, disliking her tone, tells her how she’s lost the option of remaining at the Dosh Khaleen. Dany says she will lead the Dothraki and the room erupts in laughter. Suddenly, she puts her hands on a fire basket and remains unburnt. She pushes the fire basket causing the room to erupt in flames – this was her plan. The Dothraki attempt to get out, but they cannot. The Temple burns to the ground. Outside, Jorah and Daario approach the burning temple, as do women and soldiers. As the burning doors fall off, a naked, unburnt Daenerys emerges from the temple. It’s jaw dropping scene reminiscent of the dragon birth from the season one finale. They all gaze in amazement, including Daario, as every person present bows before her. Dany has got her army.
It was arguably the best episode of the season yet as things are really heating up (no pun intended). As I struggle to focus following such a great episode, I can only calm myself down by counting down the moments until I will be humming that unforgettable theme tune next Sunday night. Did you enjoy “Book of The Stranger”? Did you predict that would happen? Let me know in the comments!