‘Game of Thrones’ vs. Mr. Men Is The Greatest Tribute Ever!

For those still mourning the loss of some of your favourite Game of Thrones characters this season *cough* hold the door *cough*, fear not, we have a way to brighten your day in George R.R Martin’s world of doom and gloom – proving that it isn’t all blood and guts in Westeros. The cast of HBO’s epic saga have undergone the Mr. Men treatment in artwork that even Roger Hargreaves himself could be proud of. Game of Thrones meets the Mr. Men and Little Miss gang in the combination you never knew you needed, until now! So, here are some of our favourites…

Ned Stark

Don’t lose your Ned!

Brienne of Tarth

Who does she love more? Jaime or Tormund?

Jaquan H’Gar

A girl has no name!

Daenerys Targaryen

Where are my dragons?

The Night’s King

We always preferred Arnie.

The Mountain

We are still mourning Cleganebowl.

Arya Stark

Give ’em the pointy end!

George R.R. Martin

The big man himself.

The world’s most uncomfortable chair

Would you sit on it?

The project is the work of two Parisian advertisers, Antoine Le Troadec and Antoine Dezes-Richard, and the pair have dedicated to their comically accurate portrayal of George R.R. Martin’s books. Even Joffrey doesn’t look so bad as a Mr. Men character!

What do you think of Game of Thrones and the Mr. Men meeting? Sound off below!


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