Game Of Thrones: Where Will Daenerys Arrive in Westeros?

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Season 6, Episode 10 of Game Of Thrones. We’re talking super-sized spoilers here, just like the season finale itself.

The moment that we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived — .

It appears that Dany has chosen the right moment now that . With so much speculation surrounding , let’s take a look at the potential locations that Dany will visit first.

Kings Landing

Image Credit: HBO
Image Credit: HBO

As big as Westeros is, Dany may head straight into the capital of Kings Landing. She made clearing the finale that she’s impatient — she wants to make it to Westeros as quickly as possible, so she may head straight into battle to take what is hers. However, with the recent coronation of Cersei Lannister as Queen of the Seven kingdoms, Dany will have some tough competition on her hands. Furthermore, following the destruction of kings Landing at the hands of Cersei herself, the capital city could use a saviour.

However, if we remember the flashback from several seasons ago, a young Cersei was informed that even though she would become Queen, a younger, more beautiful Queen would take it all from her. We all thought it was Margaery, but what if it was actually Dany that the prophecy spoke of?


Image Credit: HBO
Image Credit: HBO

Winterfell is back in the hands of the Starks and Jon has been crowned King of the North. However, a long time fan theory was confirmed in the finale – Jon is not Ned’s child, but Lyanna Starks. While his biological father was not confirmed in the episode, it is believed that Rhaegar Targaryen is his father. If this is true, that would make Dany his aunt.

If Dany arrives in Westeros then she can finally meet Jon Snow — a meeting that fans have wished for for many years. As inbreeding was often common in the Targaryen family, many fans would like to see the two marry and ultimately create piece between the two houses. Moreover, if Dany is going to take on mad queen Cersei, then she could use all the help she can get.

The Iron Islands

Image Credit: HBO
Image Credit: HBO

Dany has Yara and Theon Greyjoy aboard her ships and she did promise Yara that she would give them back their homeland. Moreover, she acknowledged Yara’s request to rid the Iron Islands of Euron Greyjoy, so perhaps Dany and her tribe will stop off here first to fulfil her promise. This would also align the Iron Islands with House Targaryen giving Dany even more — excuse the pun — fire power.


Image Credit: HBO
Image Credit: HBO

Although Varys somehow was aboard Dany’s ship by the end of the episode, we’d seen him earlier in Dorne, in the company of Ellaria Sand. The Sand girls were hosting Olenna Tyrell who was angry after earlier in the episode. Varys appears, telling Olenna that what she truly desires is “fire and blood” which is obviously a direct connection to Dany. There seems to be an alliance being set up between Olenna and Dany as, despite different motives, both of them want the same thing – Cersei off the Iron Throne.

Perhaps Dany will stop off in Dorne first as there is still a lot of ambiguity surrounding this alleged alliance. For example, why was Varys in Dorne in the first place?

Flying towards Season 7 like

That’s just a few potential directions that Dany may take now that she’s headed for Westeros. Regardless of which direction she takes, one things for certain – Westeros had better prepare — the Mother of Dragons isn’t far away.

I will take what is mine.

Are you excited to finally see Daenerys headed for Westeros? Where would you like to see her arrive? Tell me in the comment section below!


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