Get a Look Inside Some of The Most Secure Locations In Cinema With This Amazing Animated Gif Collection!

Over the years our favourite films have brought us some truly stunning fortresses. Some of these places require a treacherous journey to even reach, while others contain great danger within. All of them are infamous locations, and a team led by Kip Wright over at has made some beautiful animated gifs showing a few of the dangers within each of these fortresses. Check them out below!

1. The Batcave! (Every Batman Film… Ever!)

An iconic piece of the Batman mythology, the Batcave situated beneath Wayne Manor is where Batman keeps his suits, gadgets, Batmobile and everything else that makes him the caped crusader. However the cave itself is no slouch, being incredibly hard to get into unless you’re Batman or one of his associates. You need to get into Wayne Manor, press the right notes on the piano to get into the lift that leads you down there. So unless you’re a kidnapper/piano enthusiast, you’re unlikely to find yourself in this fortress.

I already had this gif lying around.

2. One-Eyed Willy’s Ship (The Goonies)

One of the most classic examples of a booby-trap infested fortress is that of the journey to One-Eyed Willy’s Ship which the gang took in The Goonies. Like the Batcave, there are piano keys to play correctly here, but this time you first must climb down the hidden tunnel found behind a pile of logs at the back of the freezer room in a closed restaurant and then escape a flooded room, pit fall traps, falling boulders and bats. So nothing too difficult really. And there’s all that treasure at the end of it!

Okay… I’m definitely senseing a theme here.

3. Hogwarts (The Harry Potter Series)

You know, it’s not until a gif like this is put together that you realise just how dangerous the grounds of Hogwarts are. Like, seriously, there’s something that could kill you in almost every direction, and in the castle itself too! Isn’t there some magical safety board? Doesn’t matter, the point is that we saw from the battle of Hogwarts just how much of a fortress this place really is. There are more than a few tricks up the castle’s sleeves, and that’s without counting the tricks that the inhabitants bring to the party!

Looks like we got rid of Batman at least

4. The Goblin King’s Castle (Labyrinth)

It’s good that you’ll have great music helping you pass the time on this journey, because boy it sure is a long one! You just have to find the secret opening, get through a couple of incredibly mysterious doors, navigate through shady mazes, escape Fireys, Humongous, the bog of eternal stench, drugged peaches, and an army, all in thirteen hours. Easy, right? Just do the Magic Dance and you’ll be fine! Also, be careful if you end up on those upside down stairs, I don’t know what’s up with those things.

Forever my favourite David Bowie song.

5. Temple of the Chachapoyan Warriors (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

While this was only the beginning of the brilliant Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Indiana Jones managed to make a lot of it look easy, this booby-trapped temple isn’t to be underestimated. You’ve got traps activated by light, poisoned arrows spitting out of walls, giant pits, and of course huge boulders to chase you even if you get the golden idol within. And watch out for the natives! They like to chase people.

God dammit! This is getting ridiculous!

6. The McCallister Home (Home Alone)

The one thing that those first five fortresses had in common was that they were extremely complicated in structure. From underground pirate ships to elaborately built temples, they’re all very complicated. But we watched this one being built. We saw an eight year old turn this normal suburban house into a near impenetrable fortress, using household items like christmas ornaments and irons! It was a stroke of genius, and Kevin can rest assured that if the film had obeyed any of the laws of human anatomy, he would have killed both of the wet bandits several times over.

At least it isn’t Batman running…

7. Barad-dûr/Dark Tower & Mount Doom (Lord of the Rings)

Without a doubt the longest journey of all. Despite the diffculty of the other fortresses in this list, it took an entire trilogy of films to get here, and a full one of those films was spent on this part of the journey alone. The hefty black gate and trolls guarding it make the alternate route through a giant spider lair seem like a good idea… somehow. And then there’s the giant tower that has nothing to do but watch for intruders all day, and of cross the armies of Mordor all over the place. All that just to get to a giant volcano that could easily explode and kill you? Just doesn’t seem worth it guys, I definitely think you should stick to the shire for your holidays.

You tell them Frodo!

That’s all guys! A huge thank you to Kip Wright and his entire team at, and click to see their full project on this! And I apologise for Batman and Robin invading all those gifs, it can’t be helped!