Ghostbusters (2016)

Condensed trailer for Ghostbusters that was released in Japan. Though short in running time, the trailer showcases plenty of never before seen footage from the film.If you are wondering how a condensed international trailer for Ghostbusters can carry any weight, the preview confirms a lot of punchlines and plot points that were provided in the for the film. One such joke is the mannequin bit that starts funny, as shown, but ends with the punchline, “This is more intense than an usher concert!”

I’m really hoping some last minute editing cut that er, “joke” out.

While people are no doubt going to hate this new trailer for Ghostbusters long before they ever hit the play button, the preview does attempt to show new footage with hopes of winning over some of the naysayers. The only problem is that if you were a naysayer before, it’s hard to imagine this subtitled trailer bringing you over.

Sure, there is a couple moments that stir a chuckle, but there seems to be a lot more that some will find reason to complain about. Such as the creature that looks like the 1984 Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but not as realistic.

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