Girl Meets World

Some of the Fun Facts of Girl Meets World so far…

  • So far has three seasons, Season 3 is currently airing now
  • Season one start on June 27th 2014!
  • Boy Meets World, which ran from 1993-2000
  • Girl Meets World is for a new generation.
  • Follows Cory and Topanga daughter Riley and her friends Maya, Lucas, Farkle
  • Shawn, Corey’s brothers, parents, even Finny,Minkus, John and more all show up at some point
  • Eric Matthews And Mr. Feeny Are included!
  • Trina McGee aka Angela Moore, Shawn’s girlfriend who left him brokenhearted during “Girl Meets Hurricane”
  • Shawn’s father, Chet shows for special fathers day episode with the gang
  • “Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels” episode is one the best!!
  • Also “Girl Meets Pluto”
  • Netflix currently has season 1 and 2
  • Brings new and old together for a real treat, for those who loved Boy Meets World!
  • Hey where’s Morgan???? Cory little sis?? still have not seen her
  • Shawn shows up and those are often the best episodes!
  • FENNY need some more of him please just a bit more
  • Cory & Topanga Have 2 Kids
  • “Girl Meets 1961,” is an episode from season one and ties in grandparents! together!
  • The show is filled with tons of valuable life lessons just like it was the first time
  • Mr. Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn) is back !!!!
  • Stuart Minkus! is back
  • They even tackled hard topics most shy away from — autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, involving Farkle
  • Best quote so far is from Riley, “Who wants to be normal?”
  • Address Bullying
  • Being grateful and not forgetting those the take care of you
  • People effect People lesson keeps poping up often
  • The former bully of John Adams High returns! Danny McNulty
  • Jack, (Matthew Lawrence) is around !
  • Some of the best lines: Topanga: [sarcastically] Let’s get married, let’s have a kid, let’s have another kid!Cory: [sarcastically] Well, you listened to me, you big stupid!
  • Some a the best moments so FAR!
  • What are your favorites????


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