Girls Trip

Red Band Trailer for Girls Trip.

The film tells the story of four lifelong friends who travel to New Orleans for the annual Essence Music Festival, where sisterhoods are rekindled and wild sides are rediscovered.In the movie the girls head to the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans and the film was actually filmed at the real festival last year. The Essence Music Festival, known as “the party with a purpose”, is an annual music festival which started in 1994 as a one-time event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Essence, a magazine aimed primarily towards African-American women. It is the largest event celebrating African-American culture and music in the United State.

Girls Trip Red Band Trailer 1
The good news for Girls Trip and Universal Pictures is that there is not much competition on July 21st, the movie’s release date. There are only two other films scheduled that weekend too: & .
Well, after watching the first trailer we wondered how raunchy the film would be and now we have the red band trailer to show us…and it looks very PG-13. The only thing making this trailer R-rated is the few cuss words throughout and a few references to some minor drug use. I must say that I was disappointed with this ” ” trailer.

Girls Trip Red Band Trailer 2
It is unfortunate that I fell that Girls Trip will suffer the same fate as Ghostbusters. I love to see more females in movies, but when they are putting out crappy films they will fall flat at the box office. I wish they would have turned out more of a Hangover type of film or even better yet, Bridesmaids. Girls Trip looks to be a bore.
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