Godspeed And Mirror Master: 5 Villains Who Could Be Coming To The Flash!

Run, Barry, Run!

With The Flash’s Season Two finale teasing an adaptation of Geoff Johns Flashpoint storyline, there is no doubt that Season Three will be insane. With Barry pretty much altering the time line, this opens up the possibility for many villains to début or return in Season Three. Here are a couple of my picks and theories for The Flash Season Three.


The newest addition to The Flash series, Apart from having one of the most distinct and awesome costumes in DC, Godspeed’s back story is very intriguing. He has been described as a ruthless killer imbued by powers from the Speed Force, but he is also the pupil of Barry Allen!

What is even more intriguing is the . In the interview he states;

For Season 3, the CW hit is casting the major recurring character of Barry’s slightly older, slightly geekier contemporary, a guy who is as smart as he is intuitive. As such, this newcomer doesn’t buy Barry’s nice guy routine and sets out to learn what he’s hiding — all while concealing some secrets of his own….

What’s interesting about this report is that Ausiello states that he is a contemporary of Barry. Could this mean he is another speedster who works alongside Barry, just like Godspeed? It’s worthwhile stating that the description makes you wonder if he is a hero or a villain. All of this just screams Godspeed, and I for one hope he is introduced next season! While this could be Godspeed, I believe the casting call fits another villain from Flash’s Rogue’s Gallery…

Doctor Alchemy

Mainly based off of the casting call, it definitely sounds as if Doctor Alchemy will be coming to The Flash. Albert Desmond, AKA Doctor Alchemy/Mister Element, is a fellow scientist who suffers from multiple personality disorder. This, coupled with the casting call makes me certain that he will appear as a main antagonist next season.

I believe they could reboot his origins, and instead of being a scientist he could work within the CCPD’s forensics department with Barry. This would make him his ‘geeky’ contemporary. Being around him all the time and seeing him leave unexpectedly everyday would make him highly suspicious of Barry.

There’s no doubt he fits the description, with his own secret to keep being that he is a criminal by night, so I truly believe that we will be seeing Doctor Alchemy in The Flash Season Three.

Mirror Master

A mainstay of the Rogue’s, Mirror Master has been a sad omission from The Flash, but for good reason. Mirror Master is too big of a villain to be squandered as a villain of the week, he needs his own character arc. While Season Three is planning to bring back Grodd for a three episode arc, there is no word on the main villain. Could this be Mirror Master’s chance?

I know that Weather Wizard is a technology based villain, but I would like Flash to give him the same treatment as Weather Wizard and make him a full on metahuman! While many want to include the character simply because he is a Flash mainstay, I want to include him to expand the already large metahuman universe. While most of the metahumans gained powers from the particle accelerator, Flash could expand the metahuman reach by including the Evan McCulloch version of Mirror Master.

I am particularly biased towards the McCulloch character as he is a fellow Scot, but he is without a doubt the most badass version of Mirror Master. He is a Scottish mercenary who wreaked havoc upon the United Kingdom before setting his sights on Central City. By making McCulloch a metahuman from Scotland, you expand the already huge DC Universe and create an endless amount of opportunities for the DC TV Universe.

Gorilla Grodd

This is a certainty. Grodd has been confirmed to return in the third season of The Flash, but no one knows the role he will play. Except, I have a good theory on how he will fit into season three.

With Barry saving his mother’s life and all but confirming that Flashpoint is happening, we can expect DC to adapt the storyline in various ways, such as; Supergirl playing the role of Superman, Robert Queen taking the mantle of Green Arrow and Ray Palmer taking Cyborgs place. While these are all but certainties, no one knows what the main conflict will be. DC can’t use the Amazon’s and Atlantean’s due to the embargo placed on them by Warner Bros., so I believe that we will see Grodd and his gorilla army take on Hawkman and Hawkgirl’s Thanagarean army. Legends teased Thanagar many times during it’s final episode of season one, and I believe this is the reason why.

Due to the CGI budget, Grodd couldn’t be a main villain. But if CW are going all out and adapting Flashpoint, expect them to pour a hell of a lot of money into giving Grodd a gorilla army.

Black Flash

Often overshadowed by the Flashpoint tease, the reveal of The Black Flash was a very important moment for the DCTV Universe. During the course of season two, Barry and Zoom were chased by Dementor’s. Oh sorry, Time Wraiths! Zoom was eventually captured by the Time Wraiths and was transformed into the Black Flash, who essentially takes on the role of death for Speedsters.

The reveal has massive ramifications for Barry as he has just went back in time and changed the entire timeline. Whenever Barry or Zoom changed the course of time, a Time Raith chased them. Now that Barry has monumentally screwed up everything, we can expect the Time Wraiths to deploy Black Flash to take care of him during Season Three.

Are there any other villains that you would like to see on The Flash? How do you think Flashpoint will be adapted?

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The Flash returns October 2016 on the CW.


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