Trailer for Gold.

An unlikely pair venture to the Indonesian jungle in search of gold.Matthew McConaughey must have a love for gold (or was a pirate in a previous life) because this is his third film about the search for gold, after and .

Matthew McConaughey gained over 40 pounds and shaved his head for his role in the film.

Gold 2016 Trailer Screen Shot 1
First theatrical release directed by Stephen Gaghan in 11 years. His previous film was .

Gold was shot in Thailand, New Mexico and Manhattan New York City.
Color me surprised. Matthew McConaughey seems to be a hit or miss actor for me. Early on in his career he was taking some bad roles but audiences (women) went to see his films in the theaters because he was just that handsome. And it seems like lately he has been on a run of good dramatic roles that let him show off his acting potential. I still have trouble taking him seriously but with films like , Mud, skipping Magic Mike, Dallas Buyers Club, , …that is a pretty impressive list.

The story line seems to follow the typical rags to riches theme, but then it goes bags to rags. Like you see in films about crime or drugs…in the first half everything is amazing and nothing can go wrong, until the second half of the film when everything falls apart. It will be interesting to see what they try to do differently with this story.

Another film hitting theaters right before the end of the year, which usually means Oscar bait? Could Matthew McConaughey be good enough to at least get a nomination for Best Actor? It has been two years since he won Best Actor for his role in Dallas Buyers Club.

After watching the trailer I am pretty excited for this film and think it has good potential. As of right now my interest is peaked and I plan on cathing it when it hits theaters around Christmas!
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