Good Boy! 5 Of The Best Animal Movies on Netflix

For decades, animals have provided us with some of the most beloved characters on the big screen. The connection between humans and their pets have fascinated audiences for years and as a result, we have seen our favorite critters hand-drawn, animated with CGI and cast in live-action adventures over and over again.

Get your fill of pet movies with five of the best animal films currently available to watch on Netflix:

1. Charlottes’s Web – 2006

Based on the classic children’s book, Charlotte’s Web is the sweet tale of a pig named Wilbur who hatches a plan with a friendly spider named Charlotte to ensure he doesn’t end up as Christmas dinner.

2. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale – 2009

Based on a heartbreaking real life story, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale tells the story of the strong bond between a college professor and his faithful dog, Hachikō, even after the professor passes away.

3. Blackfish – 2013

A documentary which looks into the conditions that whales at Seaworld are kept in, and how it endangers both the animals and the humans who train them. The film largely revolves around Tilikum, an orca whale who has been involved in the deaths of three people since 1991.

4. Turner and Hooch – 1989

After the friend of police investigator Scott Turner is murdered, Turner not only takes on the murder investigation but also takes responsibility for the only witness to the crime – a dog named Hooch who turns his life upside down.

5. Cujo – 1983

After a previously docile is bitten on the nose by a bat, he turns rabid. After the dog traps a mother and son in their broken-down car, it looks like it’s only a matter of time before the pair end up as his next victims.

What’s your favorite animal film?


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