Good News: ‘Game of Thrones’ Is NOT Threatened By Brexit!

Confession time: I’m British. And that means, just two days ago, I cast my vote in a historic referendum that – we now know – will take the UK out of the European Union. It’s impossible to foresee the political and economic consequences of that decision; half the country are jubilant, the other half are terrified. The consequences for are as unknowable as everything else right now.


Iconic locations from Ireland!

Iconic locations from Ireland!

A particularly thorny issue has been Game of Thrones, which is partly filmed in – part of the UK. In the past, the show has drawn funds from the European Regional Development Fund. Post-Brexit, would this mean the show lost valuable funding? Or would it require a change in location? British newspapers :

“Without an EU cash injection, its Northern Ireland base may not be so attractive.”

In truth, that seemed unlikely. In the first place, the UK Prime Minister can only initiate Brexit by triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which kicks off a two-year process. Only at the end of those two years will the UK officially leave the European Union. While the UK is in no hurry to invoke Article 50, there is increasing political pressure to get on with it. Still, the fact remains that the Brexit process will take two years. So we wouldn’t expect any effect on Game of Thrones anytime soon.

Matters are even more complicated than that. The vote for Brexit was geographically centered on England; Northern Ireland didn’t vote for Brexit at all, but instead a majority there voted for Remain. As a result, there’s growing political pressure for a referendum in Northern Ireland on whether or not to leave the UK in favor of the EU. That may all come to nothing; or it may just reignite the ‘Irish Troubles’. It’s far too soon to tell, but it does caution us not to write off the European Regional Development Fund in Northern Ireland just yet.


Yes, Ireland is beautiful.

Yes, Ireland is beautiful.

Thankfully, HBO has just clarified the matter. They told that, while they do get funding from some regional funds, it’s actually been a few years since Game of Thrones tapped into the European Regional Development Fund. In fact, they went so far as to state:

“We do not anticipate that the result of the EU Referendum will have any material effect on HBO producing Game of Thrones.”

So, for all the chaos going on in the world, there’s one thing we can relax about. Brexit hasn’t just wrecked Game of Thrones.

How do you think Brexit will affect the film industry? Let me know in the comments!


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