‘GOT’ Producer Clears Up The Mystery About Characters Traveling So Fast: The Timelines Don’t Line Up

With all the intrigue, killing and betrayal that goes down on Game Of Thrones, it can be easy to get a little confused. One of the most perplexing aspects of the show, however, has been going on for all six seasons. Just how long does it take to travel in the world of Game Of Thrones? Why do some characters take seasons to move to a new place, and others apparate all over the place in a single episode?

Bryan Cogman, a GOT story editor and producer, took to Twitter to clear up the mystery:

Makes perfect sense. I mean, would we really want to spend the first half of Season 5 trapped in a crate with Tyrion as he sails across the sea to meet Daenerys? No, thank you.

made frequent use of this, as Varys zipped between Dorne and Meereen, and Arya arrived at the Twins faceless woman style. Besides, it would kind of ruin the moment if she dropped in a line like “I’ve been traveling for 26 days, let me just change my socks before I make you eat this pie made out of your children.”

Arya Kills Walder Frey / HBO

And wasn’t it so much nicer to end the series with this banging sequence:

Daenerys’s Fleet / HBO

Rather than just Varys sitting on a Dornish ship toward Meereen, looking at his watch?

What do you think about the timeline explanation?

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