Han Solo Trilogy — A Chance Star Wars Shouldn’t Miss

After my initial skepticism towards the Han Solo Star Wars Anthology Film, I have considerably warmed up to it. Part of it is down to . Additionally, has also played it’s part in my growing optimism towards a Han Solo spin-off movie. In fact, upon hearing the rumors of potentially making a out of it, I actually find it an exciting prospect.

Of course, talking about a potential trilogy of movies featuring Han Solo, at this point, is very much the case of counting your chickens before they hatch. Furthermore, the idea has it’s own fair share of drawbacks like the threat of focusing too much on the well known aspects of the Star Wars universe. However, this trilogy (or a trilogy similar to that) could solve a number of potential problems, the Star Wars franchise is likely to face in the future. Let’s take a quick look how.

Problems The Star Wars Franchise Faces In The Future

Generally, things are looking good in this early part of Disney Star Wars era. The Force Awakens was awesome, Rebels TV show is going strong, many awesome novels and video games are out and the upcoming Rogue One looks set to deliver. Right people are in the right place and working with passion, while also being aware of each others work. Furthermore, it is nice to know that Disney has a long term plan of releasing one Star Wars movie a year.

However, releasing Star Wars movies on a yearly basis could prove to be problematic – especially in terms of spin-offs. There is simply a high possibility of delivering too much content. That would make an idea of a Star Wars movie lose some of it’s appeal and feel too much like part of a routine. Yet, how could one ignore the potential for exploration this vast and ever expanding fictional universe offers? Furthermore, as much as I love how Rebels and The Clone Wars have expanded the universe, they will never have the same scope and mass appeal that a major motion picture has.

This issue is further enhanced by the many different approaches one can have to a Star Wars spin-off. It can be a movie that fills in the blanks of a bigger story or further explore a popular character. Then again, a spin-off could also be used as an opportunity to discover the lesser known aspects of the Star Wars universe. Naturally, both approaches offer many intriguing possibilities. However, choices have to be made on which one’s to go ahead with.

Han Solo — A Friend To Take Us To New Places

Firstly, let’s have a look at the above mentioned conflict between the desire to explore more about the old and the desire to discover the new. Obviously, since the project is, at the moment, called Untitled Han Solo Star Wars Anthology Film, we are guaranteed to get an exploration of a popular character from the Star Wars universe to fill in some blanks (whether we wanted these blanks to be filled is another story).

Expanding it to a trilogy could, in turn, be an excellent gateway to explore something new. Han Solo, as he is established in the beginning of A New Hope, comes across as someone who is largely detached from the main arc of Star Wars. He is a smuggler who is just trying to walk his own path in a very different part of this universe. Therefore, whatever places he moved around before the events of A New Hope, whoever he met (minus some familiar faces of course), it is likely to be a new experience for the fans.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the trilogy doesn’t have to focus solely on young Han Solo. Provided that the first movie is a success and sets up this different part of the galaxy to explore, the next movies in this trilogy could already focus more on this new environment with Han Solo being just one of the major players and maybe not even the main one. Therefore, we would be introduced to a different side of the Star Wars universe by a familiar character, learn more about the character, but also uncover all the new stuff it offers. Furthermore, not making Han Solo the only main focus would greatly lessen a worry that Alden Ehrenreich will, at some point, be too close to Harrison Ford’s age in A New Hope. A true win-win. At least on paper.

Creating A Distinction

The potential problem of over delivering on the content is a bit trickier one to discuss in regards to Star Wars spin-offs. Ironically enough, I don’t think that cutting down on the content would be the solution. Rather, the solution would be to create a clear distinction between not only the main arc and spin-offs, but also between different spin-offs. A trilogy of movies featuring Han Solo could just provide that distinction.

The key here is focus. To explain further, if we’re talking about an alone standing Han Solo spin-off, the focus is on it being a Star Wars movie further exploring a more popular aspect of the universe. In comparison, a trilogy of movies featuring young Han Solo as one part of the universe he inhabited during the time period before A New Hope is a different thing. In that case, the focus would be on a trilogy about the underworld of smugglers and crooks in the Star Wars universe. This distinction would clearly set it apart from the structure of the main Episodes, but also from other spin-offs. Theoretically, we could get an episode of the main arc and two different spin-off stories more or less simultaneously, and not get the get a sense of Star Wars content being over delivered.

Of course, it would be important to make sure that all of these movies still feel like a part of the same universe. They are just exploring it with a very different focus. Furthermore, I am not saying we should have three Star Wars movies a year. I’m simply suggesting that creating this above mentioned distinction with a Han Solo Trilogy would give a lot more freedom to tackle different Star Wars movie projects simultaneously. Furthermore, seeing how Rebels, Rogue One, Episode VIII, countless novels, games, comics and of course the Han Solo Anthology co exist, makes me think that a trilogy like that wouldn’t burst the bubble, but rather expand it.

To Sum Up

Not so long ago, I would have felt that the odds of Han Solo Star Wars Anthology Film turning out to be a good idea – let alone a Han Solo Trilogy – were small. Looking at it now, I suppose a certain scruffy looking nerf herder said it the best:


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