Hanging, Eaten Alive & Cut To Pieces – 10 Of The Most Gruesome And Disturbing Disney Villain Deaths

Disney is known primarily for kid-friendly entertainment and fun. It’s what they’ve been associated with for the past 93 years of cartoons and animated entertainment. Even their family resort and amusement park is considered the happiest place on Earth. When have they even associated themselves with anything dark, gruesome and/or disturbing. Well, why don’t you take a look at what they have done to their villains in the past few years. Then tell me how kid-friendly and fun Disney really is. Let’s start with:

1. Gaston – Beauty and the Beast
Death: Falling to his impalement

Sure, Gaston was a jerk but did her really deserve such a gruesome end to his life? Probably. Disney villains falling to their death isn’t really anything new or that gruesome but just look where Gaston is falling. There are trees and probably some sharp spikes or rocks down there. If Belle and Beast ever go down for a walk in the forest, they’ll probably find Gaston’s impaled corpse on a rock being eaten by some ravenous wolfs.

2. Scar – The Lion King
Death: Torn apart by ravenous laughing hyenas

There’s something really disturbing about hearing a villain basically plea for their life before they ultimately die. Scar actually seems relieved to see his old friends, the hyenas, at first. But what he’s forgotten is that the hyenas have not eaten in weeks and they see someone who tried to rat them out to the new King of Pride Lands. Scar then tries to beg for his life and explain his actions but it does him no good.

3. Syndrome – The Incredibles
Death: Cut to pieces by a jet turbine

The more you think about this death, the more it will probably disturb. Syndrome is, most likely, a basket case who decided to abandon all goals in life to try and become a superhero. He does this by murdering other actual superheroes which is just downright insane. So, when Mr. Incredible throws that car at Syndrome’s plane and he trying not to die for those few seconds, you can see him re-evaluating everything he’s ever done, now that he’s being faced with death. Oh, and just to give you an idea about what happened to his body, a scene from Die Hard 2 can answer that one.

4. Ursula – The Little Mermaid
Death: Impaled by ship and struck by lightning

One death wasn’t enough for this witch, we needed to mark sure she was down for the count. It wasn’t enough for Ursula to be stabbed through and through with a ship’s bowsprit, but she was also struck by lightning at the same time. If Pokemon has taught me anything, it’s that electricity is very effective against water. I guess God really had it in for her.

5. The Queen – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Death: Crushed to death by boulder

This was the first villain death that started a trend with Disney. That trend being that villains need to not only die but die brutally and the Queen is no exception. When chased up a mountain by the seven dwarfs, the Queen finds a boulder and tries to roll it down onto them. However, God sees what trouble she had brewed and figured it was her time to go. Lightning strikes her platform, causing her to fall to her death and then get squashed by the very boulder she was trying to kill the dwarfs with. Banjo-Kazooie did it better.

6. Clayton – Tarzan
Death: Hung by vines

That image will be buried into your mind for years to come. The rest of the movie is nothing compared to those few seconds of Clayton’s shadow dangling lifelessly in the background. Let’s just be thankful that Clayton had such a meaty and strong neck or else his head would have just popped right off. Boy, that would have made an entirely different climax, wouldn’t it?

7. Hopper – A Bug’s Life
Death – Ripped apart by baby birds

Hopper wasn’t exactly the most sympathetic Disney villain, the only thing we really knew about him was that he was deathly afraid of birds. And now we can probably see why. His last moments of life showed him actually crying and panicking, trying to get away as the baby birds are just excited to be fed. “I’ll take a leg”, one probably said. “I’ll eat the torso”, another exclaimed joyfully. “You guys can have those, I want his head”, the last one said while grinning. Let Hopper’s final scream of terror be burned into your memory.

8. Sykes – Oliver & Company
Death – Hit by oncoming train

This is probably the most realistic death on this list. This is something you could read in the paper or online on your Facebook live feed the next day. The headline would read: “Man brutally smashed and killed by oncoming train”. What also makes this death disturbing is that you can see the complete terror in Sykes’s eyes as he’s about to come face to face with Lady Death herself. Let this be a lesson to all of you, be nice to little girls and cats.

9. Dr. Facilier – The Princess and the Frog
Death: Dragged to Hell

Remember when I said that it’s a little disturbing to hear a villain actually plea for their life before they meet their demise? Well, this really takes the cake on that one. Here, you can actually see Dr. Facilier beg for another chance at life as demons from hell violently drag him to the underworld. He begs, he cries and he fights but it’s no use. This is actually pretty similar to a horror movie that came out a few years ago. What was it called again?

10. Frollo – Hunchback of Notre Dame
Death: Looks the Devil right in the eyes before falling into a pit of fire and lava

This is probably Disney’s closest way to telling children that all of their villains not only die but burn in a lake of fire and lava for all eternity. Frollo’s final words are ” And he shall smite the wicken and plunge them into the fiery pit” and boy is that right on the nose. But that’s not enough, he actually looks the devil right in the eye before falling to his fiery death. This was basically Disney’s subtle way of telling kids to be good and kind or you’re going to go to Hell.

Which Disney villain do you think had the most gruesome death? Were there any left out? Leave a comment below


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