Happy Birthday Jane Lynch! These 5 Moments Prove That Sue Sylvester Was The Real Star Of ‘Glee’

It’s been since Glee dropped it’s final curtain. While it’s wonderful that the show inspired countless young people to get more involved in the arts and music and whatever, it also offered us something more: the brazen, razor sharp wit of the world’s most evil/successful cheerleading coach, the one and only Sue Sylvester. We’ve already paid tribute to her . Now let’s look back at why Sue Sylvester was the real MVP of Glee.

Let’s be real — without Sue, Glee would have been a major sap fest with late-twenty-something actors pretending to be in high school and . But with impeccable delivery and overall brilliance, Jane Lynch made it the hit we know and love.

Now without further ado… Sue Sylvester’s Greatest Moments:

1. When she got physical with Olivia Newton Jon:

2. This TV spot that was basically just a commercial for the Cheerios and Sue’s particular brand of corrupt humor:

3. When she was through being nice:

4. Every time she found meaner, more innovative ways to mock Will’s hair:

5. When her stick-throwing and name-calling and general cruelty inspired the New Directions to write this classic:

BONUS! When she slayed in this performance of “Vogue”:

What’s your favorite Sue Sylvester moment? Wish Jane Lynch a happy birthday in the comments below! 🙂


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