HAPPY FATHER’S DAY: Marvel Comics Dads

A lot of people can look at certain comic books stories and relate to the way characters are raised. I see a lot of Odin and Thor when I think back to how my dad raised me. Some people might look at adopted parents and see how much their dad reminds them of Wolverine. But either way, I thought with Father’s Day approaching that I’d give a list of Marvel Comics fathers and highlight what kind of dad they are.


Children: Akihiro (aka Daken) Gunhawk, Saw Fist, Cannon Foot, Shadowstalker, Fire Knives, Erista

Type of dad: Always puts you on punishment because he cares.

Despite his terrible and evil offspring like Daken who kill and manipulate their way through life, Logan was a father figure to to many others along the way. Jubilee and Kitty Pryde are perfect examples of kids Logan trained and watched over from youths to adulthood. Logan later abandoned his life as Cyclops’ weapon and reopened Xavier’s school (renamed Jean Grey’s school of higher learning). He became a father figure to a bunch of young mutants who would have been lost without him giving them option of staying with Cyclops and fighting or joining a school and living at least a semi regular life. His biological kids may not appreciate him (Daken slowly came around), but he was a father to a lot of mutants along the way and they love him for all that he has done for them. Especially Kitty and Jubilee.


Children: Cable, Rachel Grey (sort of), Ruby Summers (alternate reality where he’s a cyborg)

Type of dad: The dad who worked too much

The funny thing about Cyclops is that he actually hasn’t raised any kids of his own in the regular universe. When his son Nathan (Cable) was born, Nathan was infected with a virus that could only be treated in the future (Deadpool says because the HMOs are better int he future). Also, Cyclops and Jean Grey never actually had a child together. Rachel Grey is from an alternate future where Cyclops and Jean had a kid and Ruby Summers is the child of Cyclops and Emma Frost from the future that Bishop grew up in. Both children that may or may not exist at some point. And before you say Cyclops is dead, let’s not at like he’s going to stay dead.

Scott Summers is a father who has never had to really raise a kid. Cable was sent to the future and by the time Scott met Rachel she was already an adult. Scott did lead the X-Men and run the school for a while, but while he was in charge, he was more of a leader than a father figure.


Children: Genesis and Hope Summers.

While Cable does have a biological son (it’s debated whether or not they are actually blood related) named Tyler (Genesis), their relationship never really had a chance to really flourish. But when you are born in an age of Apocalypse (not THE Age of Apocalypse), it’s not shocking that he ended up having to shoot his son or that he was mind controlled. While Tyler was his son, Hope Summers is the real representation of Cable being a father.

Type of dad: Military dad

Of all the father to child relationships, this one is my favorites. Seeing Cable as a farmer with a wife (kinda) and Hope in the future raising her normal was bittersweet. Especially since you know their happiness wouldn’t last forever. Cable would do anything including giving up his life for her. In fact, he actually did give up his life for her. Because of Cable, Hope Summers is one of the toughest new characters Marvel has created in a while. All the moving from place to place and further and further into the future did nothing but make Hope stronger physically and as a person. Cable may may not have been her biological father, but she loved Hope like a daughter and she loved Cable like a father.

Reed Richards

Children: Franklin and Valeria Richards

It’s always funny that I forget that Reed has kids until they pop up. What’s even funnier is how difficult it is to find pictures of Reed with his kids. Reed does love his two kids, but in the grand scheme of things, they and his family always come second to the world and his experiments. Every so often someone will mention that he hasn’t spent enough time with them and he will take a day or two and go away with them. Then a few days later he’s back to the lab to work on his experiments. I have no idea how Sue puts up with it.

Type of dad: Cares but is completely oblivious.

The good thing about his kids is that they understand. More so Valeria than Franklin. Valeria is almost as smart as he dad is, so now Reed has a child that he can work with. Franklin is an omega level mutant with reality altering powers. He once created another Earth all together. While he seemed jealous of the relationship his dad has with his sister, now he seems content with his role in creating new realities with his family. For once, they can all do things together and Reed can still be a scientist.

Norman Osborn

Children: Harry Osborn, Gabriel and Stacy Osborn (Twins)

I was going to add a picture of Norman and Harry together, but come on, HArry’s dad is the Green Goblin. Norman is absolutely insane and even wen he wasn’t crazy, Norman didn’t care about his son. Granted, he didn’t try and kill him or almost let him die from an overdose when he was sane. Either way, Norman Osborn was absolutely a terrible father. Then there Ultimate Norman who actually beat his son to death. Long story short, Norman Osborn was a terrible dad.

Type of dad: I DON’T HAVE A SON!!!!

Norman would have been happier if he never had a kid. He barebly acknowledges his existence, he’s tried to kill him, and, oh yeah, HE’S THE GREEN GOBLIN!!!!!


Children: Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, (I am completely ignoring the…revelation that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch aren’t really his kids),Polaris

Type of dad: Continue the Family Legacy or else…

Magneto was a terrorist. Some people will debate that he was doing it all in defense of mutant kind, but all he did was make humans fear of mutants rational. What made it worse is that he put his kids in the middle of it all. While Magneto went on his ongoing war against humanity, he recruited his children to help him and he’s lucky they weren’t killed. Thankfully, they got out before that happened. Heck, they even became Avengers. Magento may not show it, but he loves his children and he would die for them.


Children: Thor, Balder, Loki (adopted)

Type of dad: Tough Love

When you are the father of the gods, you take no crap from anyone. Especially you children. So what do you do when your favorite son gets to big for his britches? You teach him why YOU are the father of the gods. Thor used to be an arrogant and brash god. And when he crossed a line, Odin beat. Him. DOWN!!!!! After a very one sided fight, Odin sent Thor to Earth with no memory of his godly lineage and none of his power to learn humility. If not for this, Thor would have never grown up to become one of the greatest heroes the world had ever seen. And when a prophecy came to pass that Thor would die fighting Odin’s brother, Odin locked him in a prison in hopes to stop the death of his son. But like all fathers, Odin eventually stepped aside and trusted his son to do what was right. It may have lead to Thor’s death, but he could not have been prouder of his son.


What else is there to say but Happy Father’s Day to all the father and thanks for reading.

I know I missed a lot of fathers. Who are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below