Harry Potter And The joyful Jedi: Mark Hamill Adored ‘The Cursed Child’ Play

Star Wars hero Mark Hamill has given Harry Potter and the Cursed Child his right royal seal of approval and it was so magical that it was enough to give even the greatest jedi in the galaxy goosebumps.

The 64-year-old actor shouted from the rooftops of Twitter to praise the performance and even predicted Potter will have an even longer run on the West End than The Mousetrap, a play that has been running continually since 1952.

The stars of the play were certainly feeling he force of Hamill’s presence in the audience, but he wasn’t the only famous face to grace the preview performance in London. Jamie Parker, who plays Harry Potter himself in the play, Tweeted:


Of course, he made plenty of time for fans who happened to spot him in the audience and it’s pretty clear to see from the snaps just how delighted he really was!

Praise from such a well-respected actor is something precious indeed and Hamill’s kind words even prompted the Cursed Child himself to say thank you.

Too cute!

Although none of us mere mortals have been let into this Chamber of Secrets just yet, you can check out what The Cursed Child looks like behind the scenes in the video below or

Do you think Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has the potential to become the West Ends longest running play?



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