Has Chris Wood Just Been Cast As Green Lantern In ‘Supergirl’ Season 2?

For a show that faced potential cancellation after just one season, Supergirl has been causing a louder commotion than the Silver Banshee in recent weeks, adding wave after wave of new cast members .

After announcing and , Supergirl began to draft in the big leagues for Season Two, including and possibly .

Now that CW alum Chris Wood (Vampire Diaries) has also been unveiled as part of next season’s line-up, comic book fans have already begun to speculate who the young actor could be playing on Supergirl. So far, all we know is that Wood will be portraying a surprise DC character who will debut early on in the next season’s run.

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While this isn’t much to go on, the rumour mill has already began to churn out potential candidates, so join us as we dive back into our favorite DC comics to try and figure out who Chris Wood could be playing on Season Two of Supergirl. Batman may be the world’s greatest detective, but he’s got nothing on us.

1. Green Lantern

Try to forget the movie. Please.

Try to forget the movie. Please.

While DC have previously stated that they’re keen to keep their cinematic universe separate from the CW’s superhero line-up, Tyler Hoechlin’s casting as Clark Kent on Supergirl proves that the times are-a-changing, opening the door for a potential TV role for the Silver Age Green Lantern, Hal Jordan.

Slowed down for your viewing pleasure.

While this may sound somewhat absurd — production costs alone could make the prospect of a TV Green Lantern tricky — there’s precedence for this in the Flarrowverse, as Hal Jordan was already snuck in for , alongside numerous references to his home town of Coast City.

Easter eggs are the best kind of eggs.

Easter eggs are the best kind of eggs.

Online fans have previously speculated that or even as , but Wood’s casting indicates that Hal Jordan could appear in Supergirl first. After all, Green Lantern is primarily an intergalactic hero, so it would make perfect sense to introduce him on a show that already features Martians and Kryptonians fighting threats from space.

2. Superboy

Particularly handy when Superman's on lunch break.

Particularly handy when Superman’s on lunch break.

We already know for a fact that , developing into a huge threat for Kara and her friends, and now that Superman’s role has been increased on the show too, this could be the perfect time to introduce the evil organisation’s most famous experiment.

Connor Kent started out as a genetically engineered clone of Superman, but his origins have changed multiple times since his debut, along with both his looks and powers. However, Superboy has proven to be a popular member of the cartoon Young Justice and even appeared in the final season of Smallville, so the idea of including a younger version of Superman isn’t as ridiculous as it might sound to fans who don’t read the comics.

Rumours have already suggested that the Kryptonian pod which appears in the Season One finale of Supergirl could contain a younger version of Superboy, perhaps starting out as a baby before growing to adulthood at an accelerated rate.

3. Doctor Fate



Legends of Tomorrow ended its first season with , a member of the Justice Society of America, who are set to have a huge impact soon in CW’s superhero lineup.

While a few of the signature JSA members have already appeared in the Flarrowverse, including Wildcat, Hawkman and the Golden Age Flash, Chris Wood could potentially take on the role of Dr Fate, a mystical sorcerer who fights the forces of darkness through magic.

If only they hadn't cancelled Constantine...

If only they hadn’t cancelled Constantine…

Dr Fate isn’t the most well known member of the JSA, but his helmet briefly appeared in Constantine, a show that now has direct links with the rest of the Flarrowverse. We know for a fact that the producers have already toyed with the idea of including him on TV at some stage — or they could just introduce the Golden Age Green Lantern instead, Alan Scott, and throw everyone a complete curveball.

4. Pete Ross

Oh ,Pete.

Oh ,Pete.

Poor Pete Ross. Jimmy Olsen gets all of the press, but back when Clark Kent was a humble farm boy, Pete was the best friend who kept a young Superman company before he moved to Metropolis.

Supergirl has already introduced a number of characters from Superman’s supporting cast, including Lucy Lane and the aforementioned Jimmy Olsen, so it’s entirely possible that Chris Wood could join the show as a non-powered friend of Clark’s, perhaps even providing a new love interest for Kara.

Jimmy Olsen better watch himself, that’s all we’re saying.

5. Paul Westfield

Shady AF.

Shady AF.

All of our suggestions so far have been heroic in nature, but who’s to say that Chris Wood has to play a good guy on Supergirl? We already know that Project Cadmus will play a villainous role in Season Two of the show, but the leader of the evil organisation hasn’t revealed themselves yet.

Punching faceless henchmen will be fun for a bit, but Kara needs to tackle a big bad over the course of Supergirl’s sophomore season and who better than Paul Westfield, the director of Project Cadmus? The character isn’t typically an outright villain, but the writers of Supergirl could have a lot of fun playing with Westfield’s ethically dubious approach to science.

Or you could just burn him to death. Your call Kara.

Whether Wood plays any of these iconic DC characters or someone completely different, we’re excited to see how the creators of Supergirl will juggle the new cast alongside the returning principals from Season One.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the introduction of Superman to consider, as well as Supergirl’s integration into the Flarrowverse. If the creators play their cards right, Supergirl could ultimately . After all, the Maid of Steel almost beat the Flash once before.

Which DC character do you think Chris Wood will play on Season Two of Supergirl?

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