Has Marvel Shot A ‘White Tiger’ Short for Netflix?

In a week’s time, Marvel Television chief Jeph Loeb is due to meet with the President of ABC, Channing Dungey, to discuss the future of Marvel’s shows. Meanwhile, Bleeding Cool is reporting that Loeb has secretly been a very busy boy; they claim “sources from production crew” have told them Marvel has just finished some intriguing projects…

What Are the Rumors?

The White Tiger stands proud! Image: Disney

The White Tiger stands proud! Image: Disney

According to the rumor, Marvel has just wrapped up a series of four pilot shorts for Netflix to consider as future shows. Three of these pilot shorts are a mystery, but the fourth is apparently a pitch for White Tiger.

White Tiger is a superhero who inherited a mystical amulet; this amulet binds her to the Tiger God, granting tremendous athletic prowess, combat skills, and feral abilities. A number of characters have inherited the White Tiger mantle, but Bleeding Cool singles out Angela Del Toro, a highly-trained ex-FBI agent who has strong ties to other Netflix shows – specifically, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

Are These Rumors Likely?

She's always had connections. Image: Marvel Comics

She’s always had connections. Image: Marvel Comics

White Tiger would be a good fit for a Netflix show. As I’ve mentioned, she has historic ties to Netflix’s current superheroes, and her physical powerset would be a good fit for Marvel Netflix – the superpowers tend to be subtle (such as Daredevil’s radar sense), or to be based on a character’s physical prowess (super-strength, as seen in Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, is a fairly ‘cheap’ super-power to make for the small screen). So White Tiger would actually fit with the Marvel Netflix approach.

That being said, it’s best to take these rumors with a serious pinch of salt. When it comes to rumors, I recommend going by what I call the ‘Rule of Three’ – when three sources independently state the rumor, it can be considered true. Bleeding Cool’s word isn’t quite enough for me. Umberto Gonzalez, of Heroic Hollywood fame, doesn’t exactly seem impressed by the rumor:

Essentially, then, we have Bleeding Cool sharing this rumor, and a respected journalist with strong ties to Marvel Entertainment rejecting it. Sadly, I think this is almost certainly a red herring.

Does This Mean Marvel Hasn’t Produced Four Pilot Shorts, Though?

Could the Moon Knight be another? Image: Marvel Comics

Could the Moon Knight be another? Image: Marvel Comics

For me, the really interesting thing about this is the idea that Marvel has produced four pilot shorts, which is possible. We know that Marvel Entertainment is looking at its future slate, and is trying to work out its future relationship with ABC. Given that Channing Dungey seems less receptive to Marvel shows than her predecessor Paul Lee – as indicated when the network Agent Carter and Marvel’s Most Wanted – it’s entirely possible that Loeb is looking at deepening Marvel Entertainment’s relationship with Netflix. I find the idea of four pilot shorts to be a little more believable. So which shows could they be?

Earlier in the year, there were that Marvel was considering Netflix shows starring Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, and Blade. We can pretty much rule out Ghost Rider now that a version of the character is on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. What’s more, the return of Blade would be likely to involve Wesley Snipes (he and Marvel have been publicly flirting with the idea of a return for a couple of years now). I suspect Wesley Snipes’s involvement would have leaked out well before a pilot short could be completed.

See also:

For now, I’m even treating this – the more believable part of the rumor – as suspect. I do think Loeb is probably exploring deepening Marvel Entertainment’s relationship with Netflix, but the details are questionable.

Take these rumors with a pinch of salt, True Believers, but keep an eye out – they could yet be proved true!

Would you want a White Tiger Netflix series? Let me know in the comments!

Behold the White Tiger! Image: Marvel Comics

Behold the White Tiger! Image: Marvel Comics



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