Hayley Atwell Admits That She Would “One Hundred Percent” Do A Third Season of Agent Carter as Petition Continues to Thrive

Look’s like Agent Carter herself is ready for another adventure!

Hayley Atwell made a scheduled appearance at Mega-Con today in Orlando and of course everybody wanted to talk about Marvel’s Agent Carter and its recent cancellation. According to reports online, originating from , the actress – who plays Peggy Carter on the hit series – told the audience that she was flattered by the support and the to revive the series. When asked if she would return to do a third season – that is if the petition is successful – Atwell responded with ” “.

Atwell has already landed the lead in ABC’s new upcoming drama Conviction, but during the event today the actress made clear that she would be prepared to do both.

Immediately after announcement, fans took to social media to for ABC’s decision. Not long afterward, the petition was created. , the petition has proven incredibly successful and currently holds a whopping 122, 843 signatures, all gathered in the short space of time since the series was cancelled. The aim of the petition is to have streaming service Netflix revive the series and, if we weigh up the pros and cons, this seems like something that Netflix really should consider. Marvel’s Agent Carter takes place in the MCU, as does Netflix’s Marvel original series – Daredevil and Jessica Jones – so as Netflix continues to expand their Marvel universe with Iron Fist and Luke Cage, acquiring Agent Carter is . Moreover, the recent announcement that Netflix has partnered with Disney has led to further speculation about a possible future for Agent Carter on Netflix – In order to pick up a series, Netflix needs to first acquire the rights to said series. Disney owns ABC, who produced and aired Agent Carter, so acquiring the rights to Agent Carter should not be an issue for the streaming service.

In addition to the petition, fans often attempt to trend #SaveAgentCarter or #NetflixSaveAgentCarter. They’ve not stopped there either: the next wave in the #SaveAgentCarter campaign – entitled #IAskedNetflix4AC – involves fans getting in touch with Netflix and personally requesting that they pick up the show as a Netflix Original. They’re one committed bunch, Agent Peggy would be proud!



With Atwell confirming her commitment to the character of Peggy Carter, as well as other cast members taking part in the online distribution of the petition, Netflix would be foolish not to consider picking up this wildly popular series and adding it to their colourful collection of Marvel Originals!

What do you say, Netflix?

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