Here Are All The New Beasts Spotted In The ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ Comic-Con Trailer

For fans of the Harry Potter universe, a five year wait to return to the magic is almost over. Despite being set 70 years before the events of the Harry Potter series, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them looks set to transport audiences to an all too familiar environment, albeit in a brand new setting, filled with brand new characters.

This past weekend, , and unlike the first trailer , we got a look at a lot more beasts than we may have bargained for. Can you spot them all?

With to work from, there’s a lot of beasts who pop up in the trailer whose descriptions we’ve read before in the original Fantastic Beasts book. Take a look below at all the creatures we got a peek at in the new trailer, and what exactly they are:


This House Elf was spotted at MACUSA [Warner Bros]
This House Elf was spotted at MACUSA [Warner Bros]

If there was one creature in the trailer you would have instantly recognized, it was probably the House-elf working inside the Magical Congress of the United States of America (MACUSA) cleaning wands. Fans of the Harry Potter book series will be aware that big organizations, such as Hogwarts, often use House-elves to keep the place in order, and it appears as though MACUSA does the same.


A Billwig above the crowd [Warner Bros]
A Billwig above the crowd [Warner Bros]

Native to Australia, this tiny blue insect-looking creature is called a Billywig. The wings of a Billywig are weirdly attached to their head, and they have long, thin stingers at the end of its body. Being stung by a Billywig means a person will suffer giddiness, and then levitate. Apparently their stingers are also an ingredient in the popular candy, Fizzing Whizzbees.


A beautiful thunderbird [Warner Bros]

While there were a few new creatures in the trailer, perhaps the most spectacular was the debut of the beautiful Thunderbird. This phoenix-like bird is native to the United States and is the name sake of one of Thunderbird tail feathers have been known to be used in wands, and apparently it is capable of creating storms and thunder as it flies, which certainly explains the dark skies when we see it in the trailer.


A hint on the Occamy [Warner Bros]
A hint on the Occamy [Warner Bros]

We didn’t get a great look at this beast, but the rumor is that this little guy is an Occamy, which are a plumed two-legged creatures with a serpentine-like body and wings that can reach up to 15 feet in height. The Occamy is an aggressive creature, and is carnivorous, living off rats, birds and even monkeys! Found in the Far East and Indian, the Occamy produces eggs which are made of pure and soft silver.


Goblin singers [Warner Bros]

We’re already quite familiar with Goblins thanks to the Harry Potter series, but it was cool to see them popping up in Fantastic Beasts as well, and in what looks to be a speakeasy of all places!

Of course, Goblins are humanoids, and far more civilized than any of the other beasts or creatures on this list, but I thought they were worthy of a mention all the same.

Swooping Evil

Swooping Evil once again appears [Warner Bros]

Little is known about the Swooping Evil, due to the fact that they were only introduced in The creature was back again in this trailer, showing off it’s beautiful aerial acrobatics, before being whisked back into it’s cocoon or egg in Newt’s hand (to be honest, it does conjure up images of a Pokémon being summoned into it’s Pokéball, but perhaps that’s just me?)


Run little Demiguise! [Warner Bros]
Run little Demiguise! [Warner Bros]

He only popped up in the trailer briefly, but there was no denying this little silver-furred fellow was a Demiguise! These creatures are peaceful herbivores, which also possess the ability to make themselves invisible – not a bad attribute to have! The Demiguise are found in the Far East, and their long silky hair is often used to make invisibility cloaks. However, unlike Harry Potter’s true invisibility cloak, one made from the hair of a Demiguise will eventually lose its invisibility over time.

Lethifold (possibly)

A Lethifold? [Warner Brothers]

While there was a huge number of beasts in this trailer, that’s far from all of them! In fact the film will also contain a sasquatch, Bowtruckle, and the aggressive and violent Lethifold.

While it’s hard to confirm, it’s possible that the Lethifold could be that smokey, shadowy creature causing all the panic toward the end of the trailer. A Lethifold is an aggressive and violent creature, who likes human flesh, and is also known to attack its prey at night. What do you think, was it the Lethifold we saw in the dying moments of the trailer?

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Apparates into theaters on November 18

What beast are you looking forward to seeing the most?

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