Here’s How Batman And The Flash Meet In ‘Justice League’!

It’s been an exciting day for fans of DC Film – about Justice League, from to ! It’s all because representatives from different sites, including Movie Pilot, got the chance to visit the set of Justice League, and even chat to Ben Affleck.

Reporters at got even more excitement, though. They got to watch a finished scene!


Looks like Flash is played for laughs!

Looks like Flash is played for laughs!

Clearly based early on in the film – Uproxx speculate it’s one of the opening scenes – this shows the first meeting between Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen. And neither is in costume!

“The scene opens with Ezra Miller as Barry Allen entering his dingy, yet decked out with high-tech electronics, apartment. Barry turns on the light and Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne is sitting in a chair. Bruce has a printout of that scene of Barry at the grocery store we see in BvS and wants an explanation. Barry insists it’s not him, but instead it’s “a nice looking Jewish boy who looks a lot like him.”..
Bruce then notices a Flash costume being built on a mannequin… Bruce asks Barry about the costume. Barry tells Bruce he’s a competitive ice dancer. Bruce then points out that the material used to make the suit is the same material NASA uses to prevent burn up during reentry. Barry quips, “Very competitive ice dancing.”Bruce, having enough of this nonsense, hurls a batarang at Barry. Then the action hits slow motion, other than Barry. (It’s similar to the effect we see with Quicksilver in the last two X-Men movies.) Barry easily moves out of the way of the batarang, then grabs it out of the air, then asks Bruce, “You’re the Batman?””

I’m sure the scene loses a lot in the brief description, but the most striking thing about it is the humor. This is a scene that would be way out of place in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Man of Steel – you can immediately tell that the Flash is being played for laughs.

The Flash is bringing the joy!

The Flash is bringing the joy!

But perhaps the most fascinating side to this is that Batman is gathering the Justice League as Bruce Wayne. Think about it: even in the comics, Batman’s identity is a closely-guarded secret, and few of his superhero allies know who he really is. Yet here he is, approaching a perfect stranger in such a way as to make it clear that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

It makes sense. In the DC Expanded Universe, Batman is approaching a group of metahumans who have hidden themselves from the world. In this case, he’s broken into Barry Allen’s apartment, intruding in Barry’s private life. If Bruce is going to earn the metahumans’ trust, he’s going to have to let them enter his world. He’s going to have to reveal a few secrets. So here he is, from the outset, revealing his greatest secret.


No, it's NOT the classic costume.

No, it’s NOT the classic costume.

Apparently Uproxx later got a chance to study the costume up-close, and it sounds very different to anything we’ve seen the Flash wear before. It’s composed of the same material NASA use to prevent burn-up during re-entry, and has a sleek metallic look. It’s apparently composed of 148 separate crimson pieces, all coming together to form a bodysuit. It’s covered in wires, which are apparently used to trap the electricity Flash generates when he runs at speed. Uproxx describe the helmet as looking a little like a bicycle helmet.

Let’s face it, either this design is going to be a hit, or it’s going to cause a meltdown among DC fans. Superhero fans are notoriously unhappy when the films stray from the source material – the X-Men films come in for particularly vehement attack – so a redesign as complete as this has the potential to ruffle some feathers. It’s nothing like anything Flash has ever worn in the comics.

Flash's current "Rebirth" look!

Flash’s current “Rebirth” look!

What’s particularly interesting is that the costume looks nothing like the one worn by Ezra Miller in Batman’s vision, back in Batman v Superman. Will we see the Flash adopt a different look as the DC Expanded Universe goes on? Or will that costume be lost in the mists of time?

I’m amazed that Uproxx got to view a finished scene, and I’m hoping that – as the description’s gone public – DC Film might just let us get a taste soon. Say, you know, at one of the Comic Cons. Because this scene gives us a real sense of the style, tone, and character of Justice League, and it sounds fun!

Do you like the sound of the Flash costume? Let me know in the comments!

How will the Scarlet Speedster work?

How will the Scarlet Speedster work?


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