Here’s What The Original Belle Thinks About Emma Watson Starring In The Live-Action ‘Beauty and the Beast’

The original voice of Disney’s beloved Belle, Paige O’Hara, has spoken out about what she thinks of in the upcoming live-action and she has bestowed her blessing on her successor.

O’Hara told Buzzfeed that she believed that Watson really encapsulates the spirit of Belle thanks to her book-smarts, wisdom and compassion for others, she explained to interviewers that:

“I think she’s absolutely perfect for the role, She’s got the outward beauty, but she’s also got an inward beauty about her, and an old soul. Through mutual people we’ve sent messages, and I just basically was wishing her all the best and to have a wonderful time.”

Watson already looks like she is having a wonderful time on the Beauty and the Beast set!
Watson already looks like she is having a wonderful time on the Beauty and the Beast set!

But which element of Watson’s performance is Paige really looking forward to? Obviously, it’s that magical time where Belle really starts to fall for the Beast, she said:

“In [the original] movie it was in the snow scene of ‘Something There’ that we made a specific choice that it hits Belle: She’s really falling in love with [the Beast],” she said.“I want to see Emma’s moment when she realizes she’s fallen in love. That will be so exciting.”

O’Hara also told Buzzfeed reporters that she believed that Belle was a great feminist role model who is perfectly compatible with , she explained:

“She was so strong, so independent, and in this day and age she would be for women’s rights — she wasn’t looking for a prince, she fell in love with a man.”

Amen to that, Paige!

If you haven’t seen the trailer already (what are you, some sort of animal?!) check it out

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